Dan Bilzerian Offering $50k For His Stolen Watch During Canelo Alvarez Fight

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Imagine going to watch a fight and having your watch, which is worth almost $1 million stolen, right off your wrist. Well, that is exactly what happened to the self-proclaimed king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian. Yup, all that money on his wrist, and someone just snatched it off without him really even knowing at the time.

Now, I am sure it didn’t take him long to realize it was gone, but by this time with so many people around, he would have no idea who it was. Imagine having the guts to steal a $1 Million dollar Richard Millie watch right off the wrists of somebody like Dan Bilzerian, that takes some real umm courage I guess you could say. Some may also say that it is downright stupid but at this point in time, it looks like the culprit has still not been identified. 

Tickets for the fight weren’t cheap, well at least not for us normal people anyways. With prices ranging from $70-$4000. However, Dan was a VIP and whether or not he paid for his tickets, while absolutely possible, is anyone’s guess. Either way, you would think if you were walking around with a million bucks on your wrist, you’d pay a bit of attention to it, especially when taking so many pictures with fans and all that. Odds are Dan was feeling a little bit like he is untouchable thanks to his popularity and ultimately, this is what has cost him his watch.

He may well have expected to lose some money that night, if he had been placing some bets. Especially if he was looking to bet on Caleb Plant, or to back an early stoppage. But Canelo Alvarez stopped Plant to become the undisputed champion at 168lbs. Alvarez has now added the IBF title to his collection of belts he owns which already included the WBA, WBC, and WBO belts.

The fight started off pretty evenly, with neither of the two men really giving much up early on. In fact, going into the matchup, many of the best sports odds websites did think the fight could go all the way. Alvarez himself even said if he was going to knock out his opponent, it would be in the later rounds. And it wasn’t until the fight neared its close that we finally started seeing either fighter starting to win points to take the fight into their favor.

But as they reached the eleventh round, Alvarez landed a mighty left hook on Plant that saw Plant stagger forward, but not wanting to let him recover or escape, Alvarez managed to push him back a bit and land a massive uppercut as well, knocking him to the floor. Plant managed to get back on his feet and into the corner by an 8-count. But there wasn’t enough time on the clock to make it to the end of the round. As soon as he was allowed to, Alvarez went in and landed a number of combinations on Plant that saw him fall into the ropes and hit the mat where he rolled onto his back and the match was over. 


While I am sure that Dan enjoyed a good fight, I would imagine his mind was still a bit elsewhere most of the time. However, some are saying this all could be an elaborate scheme for insurance purposes. But with that being said, we have found out Dan didn’t even have the watch insured, and funnily enough, the venue could not provide security footage to try and track down the watch either. This is very odd as Vegas is full of cameras so surely there should be some footage of it somewhere!

Now, this is where things get funnier, as long as you’re not Dan Bilzerian that is. The watch is going to be registered to Dan by serial number, making it almost worthless to anyone else except him. No high-end jeweler is going to buy this watch on the 2nd hand market, especially knowing that Dan is looking for it. Also, whoever stole this watch or found it, as that is still an option, won’t be able to wear it out in public as it will surely attract attention. High-end watches are generally limited in numbers and again, the serial will easily be traced back to Dan. So, what does someone do with a watch like this?

Well, you either use it as bragging rights around a few of your best friends or, you do the right thing and give it back. Whoever has the watch sure knows it belongs to Dan by now and should do the right thing and return it to him, without accepting any of the reward money. Now, I know it may be hard to turn down $50,000 but it is the right thing to do. Dan bought this watch for a lot of money, it’s his watch and should be given back to him as that is the decent thing to do, not just because someone feels they will get some reward money. 

Whether you are a fan of his or not, surely you can feel a bit for him. I mean, losing a watch worth just shy of $1 Million dollars has hurt, I don’t care how much money you have! Hopefully, Dan will get his watch back soon and who knows, it may even just appear out of nowhere thanks to a good samaritan!

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