Ducati Pro 3 e-scooter review

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What is it like to ride?

On smoother surfaces the Pro 3 delivers a comfortable ride that you would expect of a device which retails at £799. Introduce the Ducati a more belligerent surface and the e-scooter begins to falter. 

Ride over a small pothole and the Pro 3 shudders through you and on rough terrain it never feels completely settled. The 10-inch tubeless tyres which struggle to counteract the harshness of a bump or rut in the road. 

The turning circle is limited as the handlebars have been set up to allow for only a short distance of travel by comparison to other e-scooters we have tested. While that’s not an issue at speed, since you tend to lean into a bend, it does slightly affect handling at lower speeds.

Still, it’s otherwise a strong performer. It responds and rides well in tight areas and the throttle button is responsive and engaging, helping you to negotiate tight turns with confidence. There is a small delay from pressing the accelerator until the power kicks in, but it isn’t so obvious that it would get on your nerves. 

With four riding modes the Ducati offers lots of different personalities in terms of riding experience. Pedestrian mode limits the Pro 3 to 4mph, and is more of an assistance mode for when you’re pushing the device. 

Eco mode limits the top speed to 9mph to increase the range of the Pro 3 while also reducing the instantaneous acceleration you get in other modes. The addition of Eco mode is a positive as this feature is less common on e-scooters, and it’s quite useful in tight areas.

Comfort mode is the most usable of the four modes, with speed limited to 12mph, offering a good balance between performance and energy efficiency. Sport mode meanwhile delivers a more enlivening experience with the top speed of 15.5mph. There is also a bit more acceleration to add a pleasing amount of entertainment to the ride. 

A unique addition to the Pro 3 set up is Cruise Control. If travelling for a certain speed for a few seconds the system will activate, and will maintain peed without you pressing the accelerator. Either press the brake or the throttle and the mode is deactivated. It’s rather intelligent, and definitely adds to the ride experience. 

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