How To Make Your Home Look Like Luxury Real Estate

With house improvements and upgrades, the kitchen and bathroom are often the main focus, but nothing says quite as much about your style and taste as the living room. Whether you want to make a statement with a new color scheme or spruce up the furniture, the cincinnati handyman can help you achieve the look you want.

Before you see dollar bills floating before your eyes, know that you can do fabulous makeovers on a tight budget. Clever interiors often use space, light, and color rather than expensive furniture and accessories.

Here are some suggestions from expert designers who have refitted and refurbished homes right across the country.

Simple Style

A cluttered or over-accessorized room can look busy, messy, and untidy. There’s a reason a lot of high-end homes have embraced the minimalist style. Keep it simple to achieve stylish sophistication.

Take the first step of removing everything from the room and strip back your items. Did you know that decluttering is not only good for your interior design but also for your mind? You will feel so much more in control when you have done this.

Add items in sparingly after you have redecorated or even if you haven’t. Start with core essentials, and then pause for a few days before you add anything else. You can draw focus on the items you care about and transform even seemingly minor decor into statement pieces.

Whatever look you are after, whether it’s luxury real estate in San Francisco or elegant penthouse living in NY, the trick is to go simple rather than busy.

Disguise the Television

You can minimize a dominant television by creating a wall gallery or salon-style art around the screen. Use family images in black and white to create a movie-style theme. The artistic arrangement will help the television to blend in and is an excellent location for your photos.

It’s ironic, but televisions seem to get bigger and bigger. No one wants to be without the quality of the image and digital sound. Still, from an interior designer‘s point of view, a large television is too dominating and brings down the sense of luxury.

Too big a screen detracts from other elements of the room and is the first thing people see, not the last.

Indulge Yourself with Textiles

Textiles add a timeless elegance to any room and can be incorporated into any interior, traditional or modern, in various ways.

Use throws, rugs, cushions, or small pieces of furniture like upholstered stools. There is a limitless choice of textures, designs, and colors, something that is wholly personal to you.

Final Thoughts

Luxury interiors are more about what you leave out than what you put in to fill the space. Keeping most of the wall color schemes neutral allows you to showcase your taste in furniture and textiles while accessorizing with small items which matter to you.

There are many ways to make your home look more expensive for less. Always make the most of natural elements like architectural features and light.

Whatever your budget, a luxury interior is well within reach. Studying online images and learning what you like and don’t like about a room or why it works can help you refine your eye and sharpen your technique.

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