How to Master the Art of Earrings

Rather than anything else on your body, the earrings you’re wearing are the thing that people notice the most. In terms of earrings, gold is by far the most popular metal option. When gazing at gold, two things come to mind. First, what gold colour (yellow, rose or white). Second, Karat (14K, 18K or 22K). Gold earrings may either brighten your overall look or can entirely spoil it if you do not select the perfect ones.

Many Jewellers offer a wide variety of earrings for you to choose from, ranging from dramatic statement pieces to funky gold earrings designs for daily use. But what you choose to wear on a specific day or for a particular event will determine whether you turn heads or not. Learn to accessorise your outfit with the proper gold earrings for any occasion.

Casual outing

Needless to say, a pair of studs is a very adaptable item that will suit your casual ensembles well. Stud earrings come in various styles, from the traditional cluster to those with distinctive and eye-catching design components. However, while wearing colourful gemstone studs, be mindful that they do not conflict with the colour of your clothing. Moreover, you don’t want to wind up appearing uniformed and dreary. We recommend that you choose a pair like 22k Diamond Navaratna Stud Earrings (158VG1232) that complements one of the minor colours in your ensemble.

Concerts and nightclubs

Before you venture out, adorn your earlobes with a pair of glittering hoops and let the jewels’ flashing lights dazzle your face. Stylish hoops such as the Wavy Clasp Golden Hoop Earrings, the 22k Gleaming Lantern Gold hoop Earrings, and 14K Yellow Gold Hoops Earrings would be ideal. Gemstone studs and drop gold earrings will also help you achieve a glamorous evening look, but only if you can pull off the colour-game with panache.

Grand Events

When it comes to wedding jewellery, it’s all about the glitz and glam. Because you’re going to spend a lot on your wedding trousseau, don’t forget to pick on your perfect wedding earrings. It will mostly rely on the neckpiece you choose and the wedding theme. You may select from statement drop earrings, jhumkas, chandelier earrings, or anything that fits your style but is a bit more lavish.

Choose earrings that are well-crafted, trendy, and elegantly polished to complement your outfit if you are hesitant to make a full-fledged statement. Our spectacular gold earrings combine clean lines with colourful gemstones to give very adaptable, contemporary solutions that are not overbearing in their appearance.

Likewise, consider a less flashy set of earrings if you are a bridesmaid or attending a wedding celebration. Our 18K Diamond Fancy Hangings, Ruby and Diamond Earcuff, 18K Gold Jadau Stud Earrings, Mesmerizing Lotus Diamond Matti Earrings, 14K Coral Diamond Stud Earrings would be ideal.

Non-formal gatherings

When it comes to special occasions like first dates, birthday parties, or any celebratory events, you want to look your best. Glamorising yourself wouldn’t hurt either. Long drop earrings, clusters, flower earrings, and butterfly earrings will add a dash of sophistication to your look. White stone-studded earrings will add a touch of glimmer, while multicoloured ones will splash of colour to your face. Do you have a favourite?

A typical workday

Wearing the right pair of gold earrings designs for daily use with your professional attire is the quickest and most effective approach to keep oneself motivated on workdays. Studs top the list here. To make things interesting, our designers created studs in more contemporary styles. Awe-inspiring to see! These pieces also let you experiment with your style without looking too over the top. Alphabetical and nature-inspired patterns are pretty popular stud gold earrings designs for daily use. You may also use front-back studs for a more refined work appearance. Huggie hoops and tiny drop earrings are also great ways to keep things simple, subtle, and meaningful. Besides gold, we have a wide selection of gemstone and diamond-studded earrings to choose from to suit your formal style. 

Gold Earrings for Different Face Shape

Online jewellery shopping is not always easy. It’s tough to predict what will look well on you when it comes to jewellery, especially gold earrings.

Each face is unique. Each of us has our own set of characteristics – some have wide eyes, some have a thin jawline, others have broad cheeks, and a few have prominent cheekbones. The earrings you choose should complement your face and highlight your greatest features. How to choose the appropriate earrings for your face shape is explained here.

  • Round

Is your face round, with your cheeks being the broadest part? You have a round face. Long drop or dangle earrings will help lengthen your face. Avoid huge circular studs and hoops. These styles will make your face look rounder.

  • Narrow

A thin face has the same breadth jawline and cheekbones. Wearing big gold earrings can widen a narrow face. Round studs and clusters will highlight your cheekbones and create volume to your face.

  • Square

Women with broad square jaws (forehead and jawline of equal width) might soften their facial edges with rounder earrings. Hoop earrings also provide a touch of glam. Avoid square and diamond forms.

  • Heart

A heart-shaped face has a large forehead and a narrowing bottom part. Long teardrop gold earrings and intricate chandelier types may enhance this face type. Such earring styles will assist in softening the chin’s thin edges.

  • Diamond

A diamond face shape has solid cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin compared to the face’s centre. Long dangling gold earrings are the ideal way to highlight your cheekbones.

  • Oval

Oval-faced people are lucky. An oval face complements practically every earring style. Oval or long teardrop dangle earrings would look great with your facial shape.

Here are the final thoughts:

Each decade of a woman’s life reveals an altogether different side of her personality. Simply follow your heart and stay updated on current trends to appear absolutely gorgeous at any age.

Are you feeling inspired? Stylish pieces from our exquisite gold earrings collections will help you stand out among the crowd.


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