Key Differences Between Moissanite and Diamonds

Diamond is always considered the main stone of engagement rings in most countries. But other products can make an engagement ring just as attractive as a diamond. 

Another attractive and clear gemstone with acceptable quality is Moissanite. Read on and learn the difference between Diamonds and Moissanite.

They Vary in Pricing

Moissanite is more affordable than a diamond. The supply of diamonds is also excellent since it is the most preferred for engagement rings. While the price of a diamond from varies depending on cut, carat, clarity, among other individual features, Moissanite stones are typically sold at the same price. They tend to vary in size, weight, and shape.

Moissanite Vs. Diamond Differ in Color

A gemstone produced from mining has a vast range of color variations due to the environment in which the gemstones were naturally developing. The more white or clear diamonds appear, the more desirable and valuable it is considered to the users.

Besides, Moissanite originates from space meteorites. It is not a game stone that you can find naturally on earth. All moissanite properties and created in a lab since they cannot be naturally cultivated. For this reason, the environments where the gemstone grows need regulations for better production and growth.

Diamonds produced from the mining process tend to come in various colors when it comes to diamonds. These colors range from grey icy-white clear to yellow. So when shopping for jewelry from stores like, will help to note that no two Diamonds attained from mining will be similar.

They Differ in Hardness

When a material is very hard, it becomes difficult to chip or scratch. While all gemstones look beautiful, some are harder and can last longer even if used consistently. When it comes to Mohs scale of hardness, Moissanite is ranked 9.5 out of 10, which is higher than other gemstones used to manufacture jewelry aside from Diamond.

Diamonds are considered the hardest minerals with scores of 10. For reference purposes, Sapphires are rubies with a Mohs score of 9, while emeralds have 7.

Moissanite items available in the market presently are colorless. These products range come in a range of colors. The entire moissanite products available on the best websites are the popular collections. They are considered the highest quality jewelry products available in the market lately.

Difference in Brilliance

Brilliance implies a gemstone’s capability of reflecting white light. It is the perfect evaluation of how much fire and sparkle a gem is composed of. Brilliance depends on a particular gemstone’s refraction. Moissanites tend to disperse lights properly and contain higher light refractions than Diamond. It looks more brilliant.

On the other hand, Moissanite will probably not attract dirt or grease over time than a Diamond. This is because it has a crystalline structure which helps to keep the sparkler longer.

When shopping for these Moissanite or Diamond from suppliers will help if you note they both have identical visual features. Both gemstones are colorless and are considered the most challenging properties known. They both look attractive and exude gorgeous beauty; they are both durable and ideal daily wear options.

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