What Are The Best Triple Portable Monitors For Gaming?

Gaming can be a fun experience, especially if you have the right equipment. This undertaking connects you with other people who enjoy it, too. Additionally, you spend your time nicely instead of indulging in destructive behaviors.

Triple portable monitors enhance your gaming experience. Nonetheless, you must understand how to choose the right screen extenders for your mobile device. These products have flooded the current market.

The information below explains the best triple portable monitors for gaming. Moreover, you’ll learn the procedure to choose the best.

The Best Gaming Monitors

The list below makes it easy to choose the suitable gaming screen extender with less hassle. You should go through the list keenly to prevent regrets down the road.

2022 FOPO 1080P FHD IPS Triple Monitor Extender

FOPO has been in the market for quite a while, with this 12-inch portable monitor showing detailed engineering. The unit is compatible with laptops measuring between 13 and 16 inches for both Mac and Windows.

It’s one of the FOPO triple monitors that promise an incredible gaming experience. The product’s 1920 X 1080 resolution is an assurance of great images, whether you play offline or online.


The ASUS ROG measures 17.3 inches and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Like its predecessor; this unit has a 1920 X 1080 screen resolution. It has an inbuilt battery that contributes to its energy efficiency. The monitor is a little over one kilogram heavy.

Additionally, you must be ready to cater to a hefty price tag. Such an expense makes ASUS ROG one of the most costly units of its kind.

ViewSonic VX1755

ViewSonic VX1755 has created quite a great name on the market as the best 17-inch gaming triple portable monitor. It’s one of the units with a high-quality magnetic display protector. The system’s 144Hz refresh rate ensures you’re actively in the game without missing any action.

A 2.1 pounds weight allows you to carry the unit without adding too much weight to your bag. Unfortunately, some users have complained that the product’s brightness and color accuracy are mediocre.

Lenovo ThinkVision M14t

Lenovo isn’t a new name in the technological world. However, most gamers don’t know they can use Lenovo screen extenders for the best playing experience. The reputable brand manufactured ThinkVision M14t with productivity in mind.

Nevertheless, a 144Hz refresh rate, 1920 X 1080 resolution, and 17-inch display make these monitors superb for gaming. USB-C port and DisplayPort functionalities enhance the triple portable monitors’ compatibility with different laptops. Coming in at just 2.1 pounds, this screen extender with an integrated kickstand is precisely what your gaming needs.

How to Buy Triple Portable Monitors for Gaming

Here are the factors to consider when buying the best gaming screen extenders for your mobile device;

The Cost

Depending on features, brand, and other factors, gaming equipment can be cheap or expensive. You must know where you range financially to get a unit within your budget. Fortunately, some of the products above carry lenient price tags for many gamers globally.


One top thing to confirm when buying gaming triple portable monitors is their compatibility with your mobile gadget. Monitors with the standard HDMI are compatible with almost all Mac and Windows laptops. Those using USB-C’s alt mode only may be selective in compatibility.


Gaming screen extenders can either have in-built batteries or lack one. The benefit of integrated batteries is that you can use the unit without plugging it into a wall.

In Conclusion

Getting the right triple portable gaming monitors starts with understanding how to choose the best. The above information dives deeper into the best products to help you decide. Additionally, you gather more details on the factors to consider when buying such a product from today’s extensive market.

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