Life Goals Before You Hit 30

20 Goals Every Twenty-Something Should Reach Before Turning 30

Life goals are important organizing units for individual agency in development. On a societal level, they align with age-normative developmental tasks; on the individual level, they guide people’s attempts at shaping their own development. This study investigates the development of life goals across the adult life span with a focus on differences regarding gender, parental status, education, and region.

Turning 30 is a lofty milestone for many young adults. The BIG 3-0 marks a significant change for millennials as they transition from wandering twenty-somethings to (hopefully) established adults. This metamorphosis doesn’t happen overnight, however.

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It’s a gradual development that slowly occurs in phases of growth. Although we all may feel like adults in our early twenties, the truth is most of us won’t have it all figured out until our early thirties, at best. Our twenty-something years contain a hodgepodge of experimentation, trial-and-error, and mistakes. We learn many important lessons and set a variety of goals for ourselves along the way. In truth, our twenties—a defining decade—set us up for our future, established self.

Here are 20 goals every twenty-something should reach before turning 30:

1. Travel. 

If you have an opportunity to travel during your twenties, jump on it! There’s no greater experience than a chance to see the world through a unique, different lens.

2. Establish a 401K or retirement fund. 

Thinking about your retirement account in your early twenties likely seems silly. Why should we worry about something that’s decades away? Newsflash: the earlier you begin saving, the more money you’ll have when you do retire.

3. Master the art of cooking.

Up until now you’ve probably only dabbled in cooking. To an extent, all twenty-somethings have. We are accustomed to heating up Ramon noodles and sticking a greasy grilled cheese sandwich together in our dorms. After you move out of college and you parents’ home, however, the need to cook becomes very real.

4. Understand your body and health. 

Understanding your body before you turn 30 is critical. You should actually learn about your health long before that, but we’ll cut you some slack! Your health should be among the most—if not the most—important things in your life. Without strong health, your body will be incapable of doing anything.

5. Create a monthly financial budget. 

Every adult human being is responsible for their respective budgets. It’s good, practical sense to know the difference between your earnings and expenditures.

6. Live on your own. 

Living on your own is an exciting experience all in itself! There’s so much to look forward to, such as decorating your own home, basking in independence, and learning to care for yourself without help from your parents or roommates.

7. Apply for a credit card. 

While many people think of credit cards as a boatload of debt and the forever enemy, credit cards can actually be a very positive addition to your life.

8. Have at least one relationship. 

You should make it your personal mission to have an adult relationship during your twenties. Don’t date someone at random, but definitely dip your toes in the dating pool when you have the chance.

9. Graduate college or continue your education in some way.

Not everyone has the opportunity to finish a degree in their twenties, but if you do make it your priority. Going back to school later in life is not impossible by any means, but it is more of a challenge for many. Balancing work, family, stress, money, AND college can be too much for some adults.

10. Know how to take proper care of your vehicle.

It’s critical to know the basic anatomy of your vehicle. Whether you’re driving a beat up car, monstrous truck, or energy-efficient smart car, be certain you have the key parts locked in your mind.

11. Create an emergency fund. 

Of the many financial goals every adult should make, creating an emergency fund is on the top of the list. You never know what’s going to happen.

Life is unpredictable, and as such you may find yourself in a financial rut. Whether your car breaks down and needs some TLC, or you get laid off at work and can’t pay your bills, you’ll be hurting if you don’t have a cash stash somewhere.

12. Read more. 

It seems that many twenty-somethings read less and less as they migrate away from their college studies. When is the last time you read a book? If it’s been awhile, remedy that ASAP!

13. Learn to say “no.” 

Too many of us say yes to absolutely everything we are offered: jobs, dates, commitments, and the list goes on and on. There’s no real reason why we say yes to doing things we may not want to other than making another person happy. Why do we burden ourselves with this nonsense? Stop it! Before turning 30 you should learn to say no.

14. Discover your morals, beliefs, and desires in life. 

You are in control of what you believe in, your morals, and the things in life you desire. Don’t be shy to take a risk in discovering these parts of who you are. There is no right way to live, therefore you must choose the path that is best for you. When it comes to religion, milestones, goals, and beliefs you need to lean on yourself and be confident in your position. It’s your life. Live it honestly.

15. Determine who your real friends are. 

By the time you turn 30 you should have a strong handle of who your true friends are. If you don’t, it’s wise to figure that out before your twenties slip away.

16. Schedule health visits regularly. 

As far as health goals go, by your 30th birthday you should be well versed in visiting your PCP and dentist regularly. Don’t skip your physical or dental cleanings because you think everything is fine.

17. Learn that happiness comes from within. 

Happiness is one of the most important facets of life. However, being happy must come from within. We can’t expect other people, pets, objects, or things to make us happy. We have to learn to be happy all on our own.

18. Capture moments in photographs. 

Millennials nowadays photograph everything. From dinner last night to apple picking over the weekend, twenty-somethings are posting photos on their social media accounts and blogs regularly. If you do this, excellent! If you don’t, it’s best to start.

19. Accept and love yourself. 

Love from others feels so good. We cherish the way our significant others love us just as much as we value the love we receive from relatives and friends. No love, however, is greater than the love you have for yourself. By the time you turn 30 you should absolutely adore yourself.

20. Set more goals. 

By the end of your twenties you will have achieved a handful of goals (hopefully these ones).

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