The Benefits of Using Flavoured Lube

When you think of pina colada, cola, strawberry, watermelon, or even chocolate delight, the first thing that may come to your mind is that they are some very exciting, umbrella-based drinks that you can get at the swimming pool bar. Well, they probably are, but they are also the flavours of different lubes you can get your hands or mouths on for when you are getting freaky between the sheets.

This piece will take a look at what you can gain from using exciting flavoured lubricants over your standard lubricants. If you’re intrigued, read on to find out more. 

You Cannot Consume Every Lube

Perhaps not a shocking fact, but something that needs to be considered nonetheless, traditional lube has not been created to be digestible. This means that if you or your partner are particularly dry in your delicate areas or need some slip ‘n’ slide help, you might have no choice but to consume lube as an occupational hazard. It is also worth pointing out that if it is not safe to eat unless it is medication, do you really want to be putting it on your most sensitive areas? Switching to lube you can enjoy like a milkshake should be less irritating for mouths as well – a win-win combination. 

Something a Little Different

Sometimes people want to spice up their sex lives or try something completely new but not something that is too intimidating. Flavoured lubricant can offer a nice little change of pace from what you are used to, without you having to use a safe word. There are plenty of different flavours you can try so you (or your partner) can find one you love, and you could even have some kind of erotic tasting session if that’s your vibe. 

For That Extra Glide 

Lubrication is excellent for those that need that extra glide during their sexual escapades. Factors such as medication, age, and health conditions can all affect how much moisture bodies can produce, even if you are physically and mentally aroused. Using flavored lube means you can get up to whatever your heart desires without having to worry about dryness or whether you want to mix things up at any point. 

Alter the Taste of Condoms or Dams 

Latex is not the nicest tasting thing you can put in your mouth, which is why a little flavouring can help disguise its clinical taste. However, it is important to note that lube should not be used to disguise the natural taste or smell of genitals. Your skin around your genital area will have its own unique taste and smell that is perfectly normal – do not let anyone else try to tell you otherwise. If there is a foul-smelling odour, that could indicate an issue that needs to be looked at by a doctor. If you are focusing on anilingus, then that area should just taste like skin. If you are unsure what your natural odour is, then be sure to judge this by how long ago your last shower was.    

There you have it; some of the top benefits of using flavoured lubricants. 

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