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One day you’re young and carefree, and the next day you’re adulting so hard you’re exploring smart home smoke alarms and air quality monitors. It’s a good thing, we promise. Protecting your home (and likely your largest investment ever) with smart detection items from Kidde(opens in a new tab) can give you valuable peace of mind. When you shop with RetailMeNot, you’ll also get 20% cash back(opens in a new tab) on your Kidde purchase. Saving money and protecting investments? Look at you adulting with the best of ‘em.

But in case you needed more convincing, here are three more reasons Kidde products are a great choice for your home:

Compatibility with Google Home and Alexa

You’ve got Alexa handling everything else, why should your smoke alarm be any different? Use voice commands to check on everything from connection status to carbon monoxide levels on Kidde devices including the Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm(opens in a new tab).

Air quality alerts are just as important

While you’re on this whole caring for your whole home path, it’s good to realize there are other air quality issues besides carbon monoxide levels that could impact your safe space. The Kidde Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Indoor Air Quality Monitor(opens in a new tab) is an industry first with built-in air quality sensors to measure harmful chemicals in the air that can impact your health. It even alerts you when the humidity levels in your home are high enough that mold could be growing (and tells you what to do about it).

Receive remote notifications via the app

You know how old school smoke alarms beep really loud if there’s a problem? That’s great when you’re home, but what if you’re at work or traveling? The Kidde app notifies you wherever you are if hazards are detected, plus you can connect to friends or family to notify them to jump in and help if you’re away. Even the Kidde Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector(opens in a new tab) can connect to the app, so if you get a water leak anywhere from the bathroom to the basement, you’ll know, right away.

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