PSVR2 Will Have More Than 20 Major Games At Launch This Summer

The PlayStation VR2 will launch with more than 20 major games, seemingly including the Horizon virtual reality game, Call of the Mountain.

Revealed in Sony’s latest investor briefing, there are “20 plus first-party and third-party titles confirmed for PS VR2 at launch”.

Interestingly, the slide uses Horizon: Call of the Mountain – the VR game set in the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Forbidden West – as its image to go alongside the launch game reveal. While Sony hasn’t confirmed that Call of the Mountain will be a launch title explicitly, the investor briefing certainly makes it appear to be.

Other titles confirmed for PS VR2 include the lite-RPG Samurai Slaughter House, cyberpunk-esque Low-Fi, fast-paced racer-shooter Runner, narrative adventure Firmament, and hit deception game Among Us.Some developers are also confirmed to be working on PS VR2 games but are yet to announce what the games are, including Apex Construct’s Fast Travel Games, Firewall: Zero Hour’s First Contact Entertainment, Ghostbusters VR’s nDreams, and Gang Beasts’ Coatsink Software.

Sony announced it was working on a “next generation” VR headset in August 2020 but only officially unveiled the PS VR2 in February last year.The new controllers were revealed a month later, and in June a report emerged that said Sony plans to release its new headset in holiday 2022, though this remains unconfirmed.

Back in February this year Sony gave fans a proper look at the new headset and its features but we’re still waiting for an official showcase with launch games, a release date, and pricing.


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