10 Super Cool Haircuts Your Celebrities Are Rocking in 2022

For most of us, follow celebrities online and offline goes beyond peeking into their lives out of curiosity. We admire their fame, wealth, power, talents, and stories. By implication, they tend to influence our sense of judgment and decisions – often positively.

So if you love recreating your favorite celebs’ men hairstyles, you are in the right place. Below, see the list of 10 super cool haircuts your celebrities are rocking in 2022.

1. French Crop

It turns out that some of our celebs are still loving the ease of maintenance and the styling simplicity of lockdown haircuts. Music stars such as Justin Bieber have opted for a stylish one which is a French Crop cut. It is a neat, short textured haircut that can be styled in different ways to fit any face shape.

2. Buzz Cut

Will Smith may be considered the father of simplicity when it comes to hair grooming. The most exotic hairstyle on his list is probably a Curly Fader which he styled in some of his first major roles. In 2022, however, he is seen rocking his signature Buzz Cut. Icons such as Ryan Reynolds and Paul Walker are not left out of the squad of the celebs styling this edgy haircut too.

3. Medium Messy Haircut

I mean no disrespect to Leonardo Dicaprio or any of the other gentlemen who have repped this haircut. But no one has done a Medium Messy haircut better this year than Johnny Depp, in my opinion.

4. Crew Cut

If you’re a big fan of David Beckham, you probably already know that catching up with his fashion styles is hard. The football legend is known to explore and experiment with different hairstyles. So, for the sake of this post, I am nominating the first haircut he styled in 2022; a Crew Cut.

5. Classical Slickback

Whether you want a redefined hairstyle or something to ignite a retro vibe, styling your hair into a Slickback is a way to achieve either. However, the results you’ll get will be determined by the type of Slickback you opt for. There is a Fader Slickback, Undercut Slickback, and for the sake of this article, Classical Slickback which is often seen on Bradley Cooper.

6. Man Bun

Jason Momoa is an all-time Man Bun hairstyle lover and his role as the Aqua Man has inspired many male fans of his to recreate the hairstyle. The good thing about a Man Bun is how it makes it easy for men to look masculine. Just wash your hair, lubricate it, and tie it into a bun.

7. Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

If you’ve seen the 2022 Thor movie lately (yes the one entitled Love and Thunder), you’ve probably started growing out your hair by now. Chris Hemsworth not only brings life to the Thor character but also reminds us men about how stylish and masculine shoulder-length hairstyle can be.

In Conclusion

We all have someone we look up to in every area of life. We have mentors in our professional field, gurus in our world of hobbies, and celebrities in the fashion world. These people inspire us and following in their footsteps helps us to discover a better version of ourselves. In this article, I have revealed the 7 top super cool haircuts your celebrities are rocking in 2022. I hope you found one or two that piqued your interest. You can also see this post to understand the things you must avoid when buying beard oil.

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