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Clean and natural makeup is a category I can’t get enough of. But that’s not all!

We also decided to answer a few commonly asked questions and share our favorite advice just in time for a beautiful new year. Here, the best tips we got last year that we can’t wait to embrace for the months to come. And trust me, there are plenty more tips in the episode, so be sure to tune in. It’s a can’t-miss.

Gone are the days of bad patterns and lack of colors. The possibilities of clean make-up range from strong and pigmented to elegant color washing. And recipes have effectiveness and lasting power. Honestly, if you haven’t switched to makeup yet – what are you waiting for?

Find the products you want to search for. If you’re hesitant to try clean makeup brands – for fear of keeping up with your traditional counterparts – and experiment, experiment, experiment.

“For people who are still looking for their perfect foundation or lipstick, the pure beauty industry is as good as the mainstream industry: there are brands that are doing well, and there are brands that are not doing well,” he said.

“It’s all about reading reviews, viewing products published by professional make-up artists; learning from other people who are in the real beauty space; see #cleanbeauty on social media; you’ll find a lot of people who ‘It’s a good time to experiment.’

“I always feel that if you can do your best for yourself and the planet, why not? And now the pure beauty industry is even more unique;

Listen to your skin

“It’s advice I’ve always known, but I still have to remember it sometimes. He shows the skin care advice he wants to bring to his own daughter. He said, ‘Your skin is your greatest teacher. And what skin says is information. And it’s so deep because I get angry at my skin when it breaks out or irritates. Instead of taking my skin off and mad at me, [I have to ask myself] why is this happening? What can happen in your life? What could be the root of the problem? If you can get to the root of the problem, you will be able to solve the problem more easily. “

Accept “imperfection”.

When I first played with makeup in high school, the main goal was to hide any visible flaws. I took pages from my glossy magazines that taught me the perfect way to hide sitting or foggy black circles. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to treat these areas with makeup (I still do!), But now the skin caresses without airbrushing – it reveals the inside – and here it remains.

“The positive side of social media provides physical positivity for all kinds of outliers – such as things like stains or birthmarks that are not visible imperfections.” “In my opinion, many brands have cooled so you don’t have to cover your face with makeup or concealer. it’s not about improving the skin – it’s about the art of drawing your face. “

Apply a little concealer.

“Talk about the best makeup tips. Just apply concealer to the inside of the eye. Well, I have really dark circles and I’ve always had them since I was a child, so I put a lot of concealer under my eyes. With increasing age, my skin becomes drier and I will never succeed, because now I have beautiful lines. My makeup routine is the same as in recent decades, and it’s an alarm that OK, your skin is changing, you’re changing, and it’s okay to refresh your makeup while walking to respond to your new skin. “


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