How to shave with a blade before a laser session

Establishing laser hair removal as the standard method of getting rid of unwanted hair can lead to skin problems. As well as a continuous worry about how quickly the hair grows back and what it means to have to shave every two or three days. 

Why do you have to shave with a blade before laser?

In order for the laser sessions to be as effective as possible, most of the time the user is recommended to shave with a razor before coming to a beauty center such as 3D Lipo London Laser hair removal. This is requested to optimize the energy absorption of the laser. Since the part of the hair shaft that remains visible, and that can be removed by shaving, would waste the energy of the laser. To understand it, it must be taken into account that the energy provided by the laser is absorbed by all tissue that is in its path that has a sufficient concentration of chromophores. What in laser hair removal is used to encourage the root and hair follicle to absorb the greatest amount of energy.

In fact, it is important to shave your hair before laser hair removal even if the hair is already fine and weakened, either due to previous sessions, or due to the type of hair of the client in question.

When to pass the blade before the laser hair removal session?

Razor shaving is recommended to be done the day before a laser hair removal session. Since it must be taken into account that waxing with a blade can irritate the skin and cause it to absorb energy from the shot.

Also, irritation from the blade could progress to a burn if a light source as strong as a laser is applied.

As has been proven, waxing with a blade one day in advance is enough for the skin to be relaxed and there is the least amount of hair that protrudes from it. In some cases, the use of depilatory cream can be used the day before the laser session as an alternative to depilation with a blade. However, it must be taken into account that these creams can also cause irritation, burns, skin rashes or allergic reactions that could harm the application of the laser.

Tips to keep in mind before, during and after razor waxing

Before shaving with a blade it is important to hydrate the skin and clean it. For which you can apply an exfoliating product or exfoliating glove that allows the correct removal of dead cells and impurities from the skin. At the time of hair removal, it is important to choose a suitable hair removal blade for the area to be treated. There are special blades for underarms, legs or the bikini line.

To avoid cuts from the blade to the skin, it is advisable to use a new one each time if disposable blades are used, or to disinfect it if it has been used previously. In any case, avoid passing the blade over dry skin, since otherwise the skin will be much more susceptible to irritation and cuts. You can soak the skin in hot water and apply a special hair removal gel or foam to it.

For best results, shave hair against the direction of its growth. Once you’re done, rinse the soap residue with lukewarm or cold water, which will make it easier to close the pores. When you dry the skin with the help of a towel you can apply a moisturizer, body oil or aloe vera gel without alcohol or perfumes.

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