How To Style a Wolf Cut

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A wolf cut is a haircut that intends to give messy looks, as the word wolf implies. It is an advancement of the traditional shag only that with a wolf hairdo the hair has more moisture and there is more separation in the layers of hair.

A wolf cut features some lack of blend in the length of hair and some aspect of choppiness. You may wonder how you will style your wolf cut if you already have it or if you are considering getting it. Read more to familiarize yourself with the different amazing ways you can style your wolf cut, to help you make a decision on what fits you.

  1. Adding Pink Highlights to the Wolf Haircut

This style features some highlights of pink color on your already done wolf haircut. Featuring pink color in your hair gives some modern and flirty vibes.

You should consider getting Pink highlights on your hair if you want to look more feminine and draw attention to your wolf cut.

This style can be done by all women irrespective of their age. However, with this style, you may need to be careful when blending it with your wardrobe, and it is not the most favorable for very official events or purposes.

  1. Natural Hair Wolf Style

If you love going natural with your hair, don’t feel left out on the amazing wolf haircut. This style features the wolf cut on the natural short hair; nothing else is done to bring up this style.

You can have fun letting those bangs pop and experiment with all your casual wear because the style perfectly blends with casual wear.

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  1. The Voluminous Style of the Wolf Haircut

If your hair is naturally fluffy and very thick, this will be the best style for your wolf cut. The voluminous style looks flawless and romantic for younger-aged ladies.

This hairstyle looks good when blended with both formal and casual wear. It also gives an amazing look when combined with some neatly done bangs.

You can try this style for summer looks and have fun showing the beauty it features to the world!

  1. A Wolf Hairdo With Bangs

This hairstyle is most favorable if your hair is naturally dark brown in color. If you like looking cute and giving some flirty vibes every day, this style will suit you best.

The ideal age for women to rock in this hairdo is the women in their twenties and early thirties. With this style, you can look both formal and informal based on the requirement for the day and event. The pair of bangs look fresh and attractive during the summer.

  1. Combination of Voluminous and Shaggy Hairdo

If you love the mullet hairdo, but you are not going for the ideal mullet hairstyle, this is the style for you. This type of wolf cut style looks shaggy and can be done on all types of hair. 

It is the best option if you don’t want to do a lot of maintenance on your hair because it is perfect when left shaggy. It is also easy to wear and therefore won’t take most of your time when you are getting ready to leave.

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If your hair is thin and flat, this hairdo will definitely look good on you. You can spice up the hairdo by making it a little more voluminous at the top. You can also make the hair more attractive by styling it using hair foam or hair gel.

  1. The Mullet Wolf Cut

It is the best style if you love looking simple while still showing your beauty. It is most attractive when worn on light brown hair blended with some bangs.

For more feminine looks, you can make the bungs fluffy and use some hair products to make the hair look shiny. The hair should be styled in a manner that the top is voluminous while the ends are thinner. 

If your hair is not naturally fluffy, you can use some baby powder to achieve the perfect look.

  1. Dramatically Long Wolf Hairstyle

It is the suitable wolf cut style if your hair has a lot of volume at the ends. For this hairdo, your hair should also be long for the perfect finish.

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