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Thuy Nga Paris by Night is a name not to be missed for overseas Vietnamese in the US. It is proof that we, the Vietnamese, can also make our name among the superpowers in America. That is also why Maby chose MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen as our brand ambassador.

The development team wanted to build an application to help overseas Vietnamese have a better life. We want to help the community of Vietnamese nail spa business owners in the US grow stronger.

– That’s why the new application for nail spa owners in the US and Canada manages business and optimize human resources. Thereby increasing revenue thanks to the marketing tools available on our platform.

Supporting management of operating costs (including sharing ratio with workers) and classifying costs according to the standards and requirements on Schedule C of the tax department.

– With a transparent management system between the salon and its workers, making each invoice organized and accessible. The customer can specify tips for each worker.

It comes with a intuitive reporting system will help you easily control your business. You can view revenue and expenditure reports by day/week/month.

– At the request of the salon, users create and export monthly or periodic income statements.

Customers will easily find nail salons near me Your salon will attract many new consumers to the surrounding, which will increase sales.

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