Summer Beauty Swaps as the Weather Heats Up


It may sound trivial or even wasteful to some, but switching up products in your beauty bag is key as the seasons change. And it has nothing to do with trends. Not only do your skin’s needs change depending on the weather, but products, especially makeup, can become breeding grounds for infection-inducing bacteria. So you need to adjust your regimen with a few summer beauty swaps.

Expired Mascara, Lip Balm and Liquid Eyeliner

“Bacteria can find its place in your products and make a home without you even noticing it,” says Tiffany Torrence, esthetician, makeup artist and educator at Skin & Body Klinic. “Excessive amounts of bacteria can cause infection like pink eye or styes.” The products she highlights as essential to switching out every season are mascara, lip balm and liquid eyeliner.

Creamy Cleanser

Changes are also in store for your summer beauty skin care routine starting with your cleanser. “Come the warmer months, you’ll want to trade your creamy ones for a normal non-soap, pH-balanced cleanser or a foaming or gel cleanser if you have oily skin,” says cosmetic dermatologist and founder of SmarterSkin Dermatology Dr. Sejal Shah. “Creamy cleansers tend to leave a residue of emollient or occlusive ingredients on the skin, which is helpful in the winter to restore the skin barrier, but is usually not needed for most skin types as the weather warms up.”

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Heavy Moisturizer and Foundation

As for foundation and moisturizer, you’ll want to go lightweight with both as the weather heats up. “Your skin still needs hydration, but a heavy moisturizer, like a creamy cleanser, may be too occlusive and clog pores leading to breakouts and, as your skin sweats more and produces more oil, a heavy foundation is more likely to clog pores and cause acne flares.”

If you need heavy coverage, Shah recommends using an oil-free primer and a silicone-based foundation and setting it with powder. “The silicone acts as a film on your skin preventing the foundation from seeping into your pores and sliding off your face in the heat.”

From an aesthetic point of view, you’ll also want to set aside your winter foundation/tinted moisturizer/CC cream. “The average human’s skin can change many shades throughout the year depending on the amount of sun exposure,” says celebrity makeup artist and MODA brush expert Dominique Lerma. “Be sure to stock up on a warmer shade for your post-sunbathing glow.”

Powder Blush

You’ll also want to use a cream blush instead of a powder blush to get that dewy glow. “When it’s hotter outside, there is generally more sweat and oils on your skin causing powder blushes to cake up, but cream blushes will stay smooth and in place,” says Shah.

So what beauty products should you keep?

It’s important to chemically exfoliate your skin year-round and thanks to products like these pads from Dr. Dennis Gross, you can do so daily. Even if you have sensitive skin. Regular exfoliation will help keep skin clear and younger-looking. Plus, it will improve the absorption of all your other skin care products. That said, it can make skin more sensitive to the sun, which brings up a very important point: wear sunscreen all day, every day!

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Lastly, make sure you’re drinking enough water and eating water-rich foods. “Drinking water is important, but it’s actually better to get your water from foods,” says skin care expert Cassandra Bankson. “Eating foods with high water content will keep the benefits with you longer, you won’t constantly be running to the bathroom and your skin will be moisturized from the inside out.”

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