What Are The V Part Wigs?

Have you heard of a wig that is beginner friendly? Sometimes you will say “headband wig!”, no doubt it is really popular among people and very easy for beginners to wear. Today, I will suggest you another trendy and easy install hairstyle v part wig.

What is a V Part Wig?

In general, the wig is constantly updated. This is not a lace front wig, you can cover the V-shape with your own hair to give the roots a real look.

What you need to notice is that even though the V part wig is an upgraded version of the U part wig, there are still differences between them. Shedding 99%-100% less hair than a U part wig.

Wig Details:

It has five clips and three combs and adjustable straps at the back. This is a 100% virgin human curly hair wig, with lengths ranging from 18 inches to 24 inches for you to choose from. Natural black color and 150% density will make your hair more natural and beautiful!

What are the benefits?

  • No laces and no headbands!
  • No glue and no sewing!
  • Minimum holiday!
  • Easy application!
  • Breathable and comfortable!
  • Natural look!
  • Gym friendly!

Also, you can try half-up and half-down styles, it will give you an extra surprise!

How to install it properly?

1. Braid your dry hair into cornrows, leaving a small section of your hair to cover the V-shape. You can use some product to control the edges of your natural hair and wear a hat if you want. Of course, it all depends on you.

2. Apply your wig and use a comb and straps so that it fits your scalp better and looks more natural.

3. Cover the V part with your minimal leave.

4. Dare to try a middle part or a side part. It can be styled with any hairstyle you want.

How to Wear?

Now, why would you want to wear a wig? Well, first and foremost, (and honestly the most simple), because it shows off your natural roots, making the wig instantly look more natural. So, when applying a v-front wig, you align the front of the wig with the front of your head, making sure that the wider part of the ‘v’ shape is closer to your forehead. From there, clip the wig onto your hair just a short distance away from your natural part. If you want to make sure it looks as natural as possible, clip a small section of your natural hair into the back of the wig so that it blends seamlessly with your natural hair. You can also brush your natural hair over the top to better hide the point where the wig attaches.

Where can you buy ?

If you’re a wig-wearing beginner, or a girl who has a lot going on every day but also loves beauty, come to Hair! New easy install V part wigs to help you save time, but also offer a variety of high quality highlighted wigs for you to choose from.

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