4 smart office solutions to help a company stay productive

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s more important than ever to have a productive office. But how do you turn theory into practice in this case? Fortunately, there are some existing and proven smart office solutions that can help. Read the article to learn about the four most common types of them.

What is a smart office?

To start with, a smart office is an office that makes good use of the available assets to increase productivity. This can include anything from using online tools to manage tasks and communicate with colleagues to using sensors to monitor workplace usage and optimize space. In a smart office, no potential is wasted and no opportunity is unused. 

The benefits of smart office solutions

There are many benefits of implementing smart office solutions in your workplace. Perhaps the most obvious one is increased productivity. When employees have quick and easy access to the tools and information they need, they can work more efficiently and get more done. What’s more, situations of miscommunication are really rare and savings are proven by figures. All in all, smart office solutions come with a number of advantages that can help any company improve its productivity and bottom line.

4 smart office solutions

Let’s focus here on four most common examples of smart office ideas. To make the description a bit more extensive and inclusive, so to speak, these ideas have been divided into four categories that can include at least a couple of specific solutions. Read on and consider each of the aspects covered to make your office more employee- and business-friendly.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting solutions can help create the perfect environment for workers, whether it’s making sure there’s enough light to see clearly or providing adjustable light that helps reduce eye strain. Here, even the choice of bulbs matters. LED bulbs are a good option because they last longer and consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. But you may also want to consider how you control the lights. A smart lighting system lets you, for example, control all the lights in your office from a single source, whether it’s a mobile app or a physical control panel. Bear also in mind that such solutions can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, dim or brighten based on ambient light levels, and even change colours to create different moods. This way, you can make your workplace not only more productive, but also more enjoyable to work in.

Smart furniture

Smart furniture is designed to be more ergonomic and efficient than traditional furniture. For instance, height-adjustable or sit-stand desks will work perfectly if you have a ‘hot desking’ system in place – each employee will be able to adjust the tabletop height to their preferences without having to be ‘bound’ to a single specific workstation – or alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. This is not only flexibility and agility in practice – it’s also benefits for the health in the long run. There are also other solutions – such as work pods, which can be used as quiet work zones, videoconferencing rooms, breakout rooms, or meeting rooms alike. With smart furniture joining your ranks, it may turn out that you didn’t need more space, but better solutions to make better use of the space you’ve always had. Smart furniture is all about freedom of choice. And this is of great value to employees and their wellbeing too.

Smart appliances

Smart appliances can help a company stay productive by reducing the amount of time and energy that may be wasted on repetitive, energy- and time-consuming tasks. Think of, for instance, motion sensors that switch the light off when a given room is not being used. The rationale behind such an investment will certainly appear legitimate if you compare your company energy in a ‘before and after’ way. Other such appliances include also air purifiers that can improve the indoor air quality of the workplace office by filtering out dust, pollen, and other airborne particles – and making the atmosphere in your workplace literally better.

Smart technology

Smart technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the modern workplace and can be a major asset in helping a company stay on top of its game. By automating various tasks and processes, smart tech solutions can contribute to significant savings in terms of money and time – as well as improve the overall business efficiency. Moreover, it can also help your employees communicate and collaborate more effectively. Such solutions range from e.g. simple task management apps to more comprehensive enterprise-level solutions. Whatever the size and needs of your business, there is likely a tool that can help you boost your company’s productivity and let your people work smarter, not harder.

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