4 Steps to Turning Customers Into Advocates

If you’re trying to grow your business, you may have run into the idea of converting customers into brand or company advocates. While this sounds great on paper, it may also sound intimidating or complicated to implement on a larger scale. So if you want to turn customers into advocates for your business, what do you do to get there? Are there set steps and recommendations to follow as you carry this out?

We know how important it is to have a positive public perception online, and turning customers into your brand advocates is a fantastic and fast way to move in this direction. But if you want to create advocates for your business, you should take a few steps. Change and growth may not happen overnight, so be prepared to pace yourself as you experiment. If you want to turn customers into advocates, here are a few of our top tips to get you started.

1: Ask for Customer Feedback

One of the best ways of turning customers into advocates is by making an honest attempt to improve their experiences. And an easy way to improve customer experience is by directly asking users for feedback. You may even personalize this to create UGC content, or user-generated content, is a great way to receive user feedback and implement changes. You can even ask for video formats, so customers are better able to explain their thoughts and feelings.

Some companies use content and reviews to create ads that feel more personal. So, as long as you’ve checked all the legal boxes and obtained appropriate permission, don’t be afraid to put a spotlight on reviews and implemented changes. Showing customers you care about their opinions makes them feel like they have a voice. Make them feel heard, implement essential changes, and watch public perception shift toward the positive.

2: Engage With Your Users on Social Media Platforms

We also recommend interacting with customers and followers on social media platforms. This is a great way to show your audience that someone at the company is listening to them and that they are easily accessible. However, this doesn’t only involve responding to direct messages, especially if you don’t want it to.

If you want to get more creative with user engagement, you can also use other social media features to your advantage. Go live for product presentations and question-and-answer sessions. Directly ask customers for their ideas or ways to improve products. You can even host a contest where your followers post content and tag it with a specific hashtag. While hosting a contest may require you to have a prize, the engagement and added follower count might be worth that small cost. However, if you choose to host a contest, follow the social media platform’s rules.

3: Personalize Customer Experiences

Have you ever had a positive experience with a customer service representative? And didn’t that immensely change your feelings about the company or brand in question? Even if there is an issue with a product, shipping times, or something else, a positive and personalized experience can make customers feel heard and completely change their feelings about a company.

We recommend paying attention to your customers, especially if they reach out to you with a problem. Try to reach out promptly, but also make an effort to avoid messages that sound too broad or computer automated. Giving attention to your customers and making a serious effort to improve their experience is a fantastic way to turn them into future advocates for your brand.

4: Make Your Ads Targeted and Appealing

Something that is incredibly trendy right now is using customer review videos as targeted ads. We’re big fans of this tactic, as it offers numerous pros for everyone involved. Not only does it make the production of ads much more cost-effective and straightforward, but it also makes potential customers more likely to buy your product. This is because customers are more likely to trust another person’s opinions than blindly trust a brand, even if what the brand says is true.


If you want to improve your customers’ experiences and potentially turn a few of them into advocates for your brand, you’re on the right track to make some serious progress. This process is excellent for building an audience and pushing engagement and also helps brands build a positive rapport online. If you need assistance learning more about turning your customers into potential brand advocates, we hope you found our breakdown helpful and insightful!

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