5 of the Best Proven Sales Training Tips to Boost Your Team’s Success


The MarkMeets sales team both in the UK and have attended Sales training programs are one of the most effective ways to boost your team’s success. Well-trained reps are more likely to be confident, knowledgeable, and productive. Those qualities have a direct impact on your customers and your bottom line. 

While there’s no doubt that improving your team’s skills is important for business success, professional development courses can require significant investment. Also, reps lose prime selling time whenever they break away to attend courses. With that in mind, here are some tips you can use to create effective and engaging programs for your sales team. 

Get senior management buy-in

Improving your team’s abilities has the potential to electrify sales performance, productivity, and profit. However, if senior management is not on board, you may find trying to achieve those outcomes akin to pushing a boulder uphill. 

Senior management plays a vital role in fostering a learning culture as well as reinforcing learning. Furthermore, according to the Center for Creative Leadership, employees get more value from the training when senior management shows clear support for their development. To get management buy-in more easily, make sure there’s clear alignment between company goals and proposed deliverables from the program.

Perform a skills gap analysis

A skills gap analysis is a tool that helps you identify what abilities and knowledge your employees have compared to what they need to succeed. Most salespeople are eager to learn. However, juggling learning, meeting customers’ needs, and hitting targets makes for a hectic schedule. 

Saddling your team with unnecessary courses is a surefire way to kill their desire to learn. You’re also likely to end with an ineffective program that’s a waste of money. A skills gap analysis helps ensure that you’re spending time and money where it counts. 

Choose the most effective format

How you train is just as vital to your employees as the skills you’re trying to impart. Training programs for sales teams come in a wide range of options, like seminars, workshops, lectures, e-learning, and more. You want to choose a style that fits the needs of your business and your team members’ learning styles. 

To help you narrow down your choices, here are some aspects to consider:

  • Are you teaching new skills or refreshing existing skills? 
  • Are you training new or veteran employees? 
  • What’s the budget?
  • How much time is available for training?
  • Which training formats have worked for you in the past? 
  • Does your team learn best when learning in an interactive environment?

Reinforce learning regularly

When training is well-executed, most employees are raring to put their new skills to work. However, even then, it’s common to see old habits creep back in, and people can get lazy. Continuous learning reinforcement is the best way to ensure new skills stick like glue. 

The most successful reinforcement strategies tend to be those that kick off soon after training. Also, to create a more impactful reinforcement program for your sales team, you want to stick to a consistent process that you’ve identified ahead of time. 

Provide opportunities for safe-to-fail practice

No matter which sales training course you design, your reps completing the program is just the beginning. To truly cement new skills, you need to carve out time for your team to practice what they learn. Practice ensures that people put maximum effort into transferring learnings to their job.

Practice happens best in a safe-to-fail zone. Also, as practice goes on, make sure there’s a clear avenue for learners to voice their opinions and give honest feedback. Most people tend to learn best when they can plan, observe, evaluate, and adjust their own learning processes. So, challenge your team to take the reigns as they work on their skills.

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