Business Boosting Methods with Modern Tech

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There is an entire range of business-boosting methods with modern technologies you can begin using right away. For the most part, these relate to including smart technology in your practices. From there, marketing, usability, and conversions become much more effective. It can be hard to begin a reliable campaign for using modern tech. But you can hire digital agencies to help with specific things such as SEO. So, here are some tips to get you started with new tech.

Smartphone App Integration

There are almost 7 billion smartphone users in the world. That’s nearly 90% of the global population. This means almost everyone is a prospective customer if you integrate your business into smartphones with app development via services such as Hubspot. Smartphone apps are an expected way of doing business today. And they have been proven to effectively increase business due to ease of use, convenience, and meeting your customer expectations.

Business Boosting Methods Include Data Analysis

You need data if you are to make actionable decisions that expand and enhance business. Where data was once a specialized subject and still is for the most part, it is easier than ever to capture the data you need. Apps like Google Analytics provide free and easy tools for capturing website data. But you can use other data analytics apps such as Segment for sales data, Zoho for report generation from customer data, and AI data intelligence for revenue using Tableau.

Social Media Engagement

If you aren’t using social media, you are making a huge mistake from a business perspective. Social media engagement goes hand in hand with the number of smartphone users. Out of the 7 billion smartphone users, 80% of them use social media regularly. That’s an entire untapped revenue stream. Additionally, you can use social media marketing and ads for free and rely instead on word of mouth, earned media, and social media influencer marketing for more sales.

CRM Software Platforms

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is common in modern businesses. The immediate benefit is being able to effectively serve multiple clients and simplify your sales approach. However, the real power of CRM tools is that most of them can integrate into existing apps. For example, calendars can communicate with each other if you use Windows, Apple, or Android. This means you always have access to vital dates and events, streamlining tasks.

In-Bound Sales Methods

Direct marketing through door-to-door, print media, and cold calling is still a viable method of sales and lead generation. Yet there is a lot of wasted time and resources for little return. You can maximize your ROI with in-bound sales methods using tech that brings clients to you:

  • Supplement your website with a helpful blog that uses effective on-page SEO.
  • Carefully place affiliate and other marketing links within relevant online content.
  • Use a strategy of link-building for relevant, niche-specific backlinks from other sources. 
  • Create content that speaks to your target audience’s personal and specific needs.
  • Use digital marketing agencies to create effective landing pages that push a product.
  • Include reviews and testimonials, even negative ones, to make use of SEO keywords.
  • Create digital media such as eBooks and videos that promote relevant products.
  • Provide as much contact information as possible for improved customer service.
  • Go over your site and make changes that make the checkout process much easier.
  • Appeal to a wide net of customers by offering features such as digital payments.

The idea behind inbound sales is that you use certain methods of bringing customers to you. There are four key stages using this method. This is known as the sales journey and follows the following; identity, connect, explore, and advise. This is the key to successful inbound sales.

Small Task Automation

You can save a lot of time and money by leaving smaller tasks to automated solutions. This can be as simple as automatic email replies when someone subscribes to a newsletter to financial processing and payroll automation software. From a business and sales perspective, some of the tasks to consider automating include searching for clients, scheduling meetings, and filling out forms. Automated apps can work together with other apps, such as CRM, to save time.

Effective Communication and Contact 

There are a lot of ways you can communicate with your customers these days. Of course, there are good old emails and phone calls. But for the time these can take, the response rate is pretty low. However, you can consider app development to push notifications that have a higher rate of engagement. You can also supplement your app, or indeed your blog, with chatbots and live chat features. And you can boost local SEO by providing phone numbers and addresses.

Business Boosting Methods with AI

You can make excellent use of artificial intelligence in your business. A popular way of using AI today is through Chatbots that help guide customers to the correct service center. However, you can use more backend AI systems for generating customer management and prediction reports from data such as previous interactions. Amazon uses this AI for a personal shopping experience, which is effective for upselling, cross-selling, and displaying products likely to sell.

Web and eCommerce Marketing

It’s almost impossible to compete in eCommerce and online sales without a solid and reliable digital marketing strategy and campaign. For the most part, this relates back to solid data analysis, which can be used to predict customer behavior and market trends. But a reputable digital marketing agency can also use effective methods such as SEO, PPC, and other inbound traffic methods to bring more customers to your website, business, or online store.


There are certain business boosting methods that relate to more sales for your online or even real-world business. For instance, smartphone app integration, social media engagement, and using CRM platforms will help you better manage your customers. But you can also use captured data, automation, and AI tools to provide a better shopping experience for online clients. And then, there are reliable methods for more traffic, such as PPC and SEO campaigns.

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