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Account Minimum: $0

Products: Stocks, ETFs, Options, Crypto, Forex, Bonds, Mutual Funds & Commodities 

Fees: $0 for stocks 

Top Benefits 

Although CrystalsCapitals offers robust perks, the following are its key attributes that would make you want to try the platform. 

Intuitive trading platforms 

With three trading platforms that integrate nearly similar features and functions. Its web and mobile platforms have basic designs for novices, while the desktop is enhanced to cater to active traders. 

Superior trade execution

The innovative order routing technology that constantly tracks the price movements of assets across numerous market centers. Then, it automatically executes trades at the best available prices in the market. 

Rich educational materials 

Cutting-edge investor education programs, including videos, articles, and infographics. The materials cover various topics essential to successful online investing. 

Vast product offerings 

With a broad selection of investment products tailored to the unique demands of beginner investors and passive and active traders. 


Increasingly attracted many retail traders and institutional investors, rallying to take advantage of its intuitive platforms, rich educational programming, and diverse product offerings. That has also impacted a significant growth in daily trading volumes. Although the broker also offers several other perks to delight different types of traders and investors, it is not without a few potential constraints. 


  • Intuitive trading platforms 
  • Superior trade execution 
  • Rich educational materials 
  • Vast product offerings 


  • The mobile app has limited features and functionalities 
  • Limited access to global markets 

Trading Platforms and Technology 

Desktop, web, and mobile versions that are highly responsive and compatible with multiple devices. The platforms provide similar tools and functionalities that streamline the user experience for all clients. The onboarding process is fast and straightforward across all platforms. 

This broker’s traders and investors have access to the same asset classes and products across the three platforms. Users can also place multiple order types and stage orders for later execution. All trading platforms leverage the smart order routing technology that constantly tracks asset price movements on various markets, automatically executing your trades at the best available prices. 

There are several other trading tools and amenities that you can also access on desktop, web, and mobile versions. They include screeners, calculators, evaluators, charts, portfolio analysis, price alerts, trading idea generators, research, and news. However, traders who need more sophisticated tools and features should opt for the desktop version designed for professionals. 

Range of Offerings 

With a relatively limited portfolio initially, but it has today expanded its offerings to accommodate vast products and assets. That has made it an incredible platform for traders and investors who demand more flexibility. Here are the currently available asset classes and products. 

  • Stocks 
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Options 
  • Forex 
  • Crypto
  • Bonds 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Commodities 

With thousands of mutual funds, most of which are no-transaction-fee funds. Its portfolio also features long and short stocks, diverse types of bonds, and all the major currency pairs and cryptocurrencies allowing you to invest in one or more of those products using over 20 currencies. 


Low-cost platform, but it has a relatively friendly pricing policy. The broker does not charge account minimums, checking fees, domestic wire transfers, or inactivity fees. It also permits zero commissions for stock trading. Other trades and transactions to attract fees and margin interest rates. 

The broker mainly uses tier-based and per-contract pricing policies that enable traders and investors to keep costs down. Perhaps, that is why their fees and margin interest rates are below average. Nevertheless, please don’t place any trades before checking the comprehensive fee schedule on their website. 


Featuring extensive educational materials that bolster user experience. Their resources are available in diverse formats, including videos, infographics, and articles. The broker also has a FAQ page and search functionalities that traders can use to obtain quick answers and other information about different assets and markets. 

Our Take 

A popular choice for traders and investors who demand intuitive trading platforms, rich educational offerings, superior trade execution, and access to vast investment products. Nevertheless, successful online investing mainly depends on your investment strategy and risk threshold. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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