How to Grow an Email List Quickly

In the old days, a business would often hand out samples and rely on word of mouth for people to notice them. Although samples and word of mouth are still used by some businesses today, many wise business owners take advantage of what technology has in store.

Today, business can be done practically anywhere, physically or going online. With digital marketing being the focal point of many businesses wanting to go online, one crucial way to get exposure is having an email list. A responsive email list lets owners send information on the services and products they offer to potential customers.

With that said, a reliable email list is the backbone of a strong and thriving business. So what are email lists, and how do you grow them fast? Here are some tips to heed:

So What’s an Email List, and How Do I Create One?

An email list is a list made up of contacts, subscribers, those who visit your website, or even current clients. Every time you sell something to a new customer, you add that email to your list. However, can you still grow your email list without selling? The answer is a resounding yes. 

If you’re still new and just creating your email lists, here’s how to add emails to it:

  • Promoting your business on Social Media 
  • Requiring emails at checkouts on ecommerce websites
  • Signup forms on your blog or website 

Now that you have a few emails to work with, here are some tips on growing that list:

Buying Your Lists

First off, you can buy email lists from legit providers. For example, this website has a ton of email lists from clients who are from different countries. Also, buying lists from these providers allows you to customize your needs, making it easier and faster to look for email lists within your business or niche.

Social Media

Once you have your business profile and connections, you can start posting blog posts, status updates, photos, and videos. You can even put in your products depending on the platform. Facebook and Instagram also have options to turn your posts into sponsored posts to attract even more possible people to your business.

Aside from buying your lists, another effective way of growing your list is through social media. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can set up a profile for your business and start connections with people on those platforms. 


If you already have a profile set up and few people following you, you already have a community. In terms of social media platforms, a community is a number of people who share a common interest(in this case, your product or business). To become a successful influencer or an entrepreneur, you must nurture your community or customers. So what does growing your community have to do with growing your email lists?

With communities, you’ll be able to interact with your followers. One good way of interacting with them is through giveaways. With giveaways, everyone always comes back a winner. On your community’s side, they get something in return for following you. On your end, you can get more engagements and even more emails by including a signup form for your giveaway. 


If you have the talent and resources for it, a short video can significantly help you with getting emails to grow your list. Create a well-thought-out video about your product or service and place them on your site or share them on your social media accounts. Of course, your short video has to have something in it that will make your followers share it to get even more exposure.

If you’re sharing on a social media site like Facebook, include a link on the video or post that’ll redirect viewers to a signup form on your site. If the video is already on your site, then you can also use exit intent pop-ups. On these pop-ups, your visitors are required to enter their names and email addresses before they can exit. 


With a responsive email list, you’re opening your business to many potential clients. Aside from having clients, you’re also setting yourself up for success. If you’re still growing or adding emails to your list, the tips above will surely help you out.

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