Steps Towards Cyber Security

Secure Your Internal Network

The first thing you need to perform would be to secure the internal network. That can happen by giving access to the network only to people who are authorized for it. If you have some company employees you can give access only to the ones that need data from specific parts of your server. Always change the passwords twice a month and teach people how to make more secure passwords.

People who have no prior knowledge of the red team hacker academy will be amazed about the TryHackMe qualities. If their response would be about the necessity of cybersecurity these days, then the discussion remains outdated for most of its part.

Today many people ask How to get into cyber security, and the answer would be to follow the courses online. It’s one of the premium services offered by the experts not only to attack other systems but also to know how to defend yourself from hackers.

Here is the best advice about what to do to keep your system clean and cyber-secure!

Use The Wi-Fi Router Wisely

The wi-fi has come to resolve many issues when working at the office. The lack of cables seemed like a great idea in the beginning. However, the data transferring through the air and the insecure router could give you a hard time protecting them. So it’s better to check the router on a daily basis to ensure it is not a target for hackers. Use the right application to do that and give you the assurance you need that your router system is clear.

Prefer the Ethernet Cables

When you have the chance, it’s always better to prefer the ethernet cables for your local area network. Don’t expect people to connect their PCs to the ethernet cable when you give them the chance to connect through the router. However, they can ban the entrance to any user who does not comply with Ethernet use. And that’s something that could save your system’s integrity and ensure that everyone would be safe when entering the intranet and all data will be stored in the right place.

Local Area Networks Should be the First Preference

There is a strict preference for the LAN networks from all the others. They prefer to run all its applications to such organized networks than going through the router. It’s better to do so and give the protection you promise.

Monitor the System for Malware

Providing more solutions to protect your system from malware. Malware can be anywhere and usually come to your system through email or the cloud. So you better have the alerts can identify all the reasonable threats to your system and perform checks to ensure that malware will not easily pass to the core.

Manage Incidents Right on the Spot

As a beginner, you need to know more about dealing with incidents at the right spot. Use a full live report of what is going on in your system. The same happens when you counterattack a hacker who just managed to breach your system’s security passes and enters your field. So it’s better to have a protocol and know what to do when you face sudden system threats than to be there idle and wait for others to come and save you.

Perform Random Checks

Random checks is another thing that you should enable when you get the application running in your system. Its mentality would be to run in the background and check every single corner of your server. That will offer you the assurance that your system is clean from other threats and that you can keep on operating the way you do. In the rare case you find a single threat, you can have it escalated to the resolution center. That will compare it with others that happened in the past and give you the answer about what to do and which could be the proper solution.

Follow the Configurations Tested for Your Cloud

Configurations are preset and east to follow when you have a cloud service. Most companies run a cloud service these days and use their pre-set configurations. However, they are most of the time outdated, and offers the latest versions. In other words, you may expect it to perform and apply its configurations to your system. Then you would be ready to use your cloud the same way and enhance your safety when being online. Hackers really have issues with TryHackMe!

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