The best Google Shopping PPC automation tools – Know more on pay-per-click advertising

Are you planning to market and endorse your products on Google? If yes, you should know what pay-per-click advertising or PPC is. However, only knowing what PPC is won’t work but handling the PPC campaigns is even more important. It is expensive and time-consuming to manage PPC campaigns and considering the highly competitive economy, it becomes even more important to make the right choices in order to keep costs down. 

No matter what product your company makes, quality plays a vital role in deciding the success of a company. With the right level of reliability engineering and product testing, it is possible to maintain good quality products that are worth promoting. 

Downturns in the market present good opportunities to reassess the toolsets and processes. But with the help of the best PPC technology, you could combine operating costs and reach out to customers in an effective way. Having said that, let’s take a quick look into what automation means and the tools that you can use for PPC automation. 

Automation tools – How to consider them?

No, there is no single tool that fits for all as long as PPC campaigns are concerned. While some tools are for the biggies, some others are multi-functional. But there is always a thin line that differentiates the good tools from the bad ones. With Google Shopping, the 3 key aspects of automation are as follows:

  • Managing campaigns – How you structure them and interact with them
  • Managing feeds – How details on your products are uploaded to Google Merchant Center and referenced to your product catalogue
  • Managing bids – How much money is spent on ads and the way you win placements

One of the main things to consider is whether you’re interested in a one-stop PPC automation tool or the best solution using different types of tools.

Best Leads in PPC Campaign and bidding tools


Formed by merging Adobe Media Optimizer along with TubeMogul, the video ad platform, this is an exclusive combination of products for PPC advertisers who are trying to nurture and value their audience throughout the online and offline media. Adobe has a strong hold over bid management and the process of portfolio optimisation is done with the help of predictive analytics and bid adjustments. For handling everything from digital to television videos, through various territories and types, Adobe Advertising Cloud is the best option.


Sales & Orders are a company that are experts in self-management of ads. This is an effective platform that hosts a suite of management, campaign creation, and optimisation tools. This has a feed tool, bid suggestions, a dashboard to report data, and other keywords performance tools. Just as CMMS, this also happens to be an all-rounder tool. 


Adaplo assists the ecommerce advertisers to bring in more revenue and sales by automating Ad Campaign Management. This platform is available for Shopify and Magento platforms and this helps you design different kinds of individual feeds on request. The USP of this platform is that it supports Facebook campaigns and Google Ads. A granular account structure is created with SKU-level bidding and targeting. 


Kenshoo is a digital enterprise-level tool for bid management that also provides its clients with the best local solutions for small scale companies. Kenshoo offers different types of bidding and solutions like portfolio, model-based bidding and rule-based bidding. Advanced reporting and A/B testing are also offered by this platform. Kenshoo allows the proper management of product groups and ads within the Keshoo UI. It tracks shopping reports, and optimises them for best campaign performance. This incorporates Google Shopping within the entire marketing strategy. 

So, there’s a lot that you can consider when shopping for the best PPC automation tool. Choosing your PPC automation tool depends entirely on the size of your business and the budget that you have. Hence, make the right choice depending on your business. 

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