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A recruiter is someone in a job agency who directly deals with potential candidates and employers. There is more to a recruiter other than matching suitable candidates with the right employers. It is, however, correct to say that the recruiter works for the potential candidate on the primary level.

The recruiter gets paid if the candidate chooses to work specifically with him or the staffing agency he works with. The recruiters build the relationship between the potential candidates from nothing to co-workers. The following are the roles of recruiters in any job agency you may choose to work with.

  1. Opening The Position

Usually, the first and most crucial step is when a potential candidate makes a call requesting to work with a specific job agency. It is the role of the recruiter to get and internalize all the details about the client in order to make the perfect match with the available job openings as posted by potential employers.

In slipper terms, the recruiter is responsible for different job descriptions with available matching job openings.  The recruiter goes further to dig into the job opening, including finding the details of the salary, any benefits, and interview questions the candidate is likely to get as an invitation to the work.

The recruiter will provide the potential candidate with details about the company culture and the required skills. With the level of digging done by the recruiter, when the potential employee gets the job with a specific company, they instantly develop a sense of belonging.

  1. Job Posting

The recruiter’s role in a staffing agency is to find all the available job openings from different companies and post them on their websites. Depending on the job description, they can also post the openings on any job boards within their region or any other relevant region.

The recruiters also create awareness of the job opening through social media accounts since everything passes through social media in the modern days.

It is correct to say that the recruiter is responsible for creating awareness of the job opening to potential candidates. This gives the job agency more clients, and the job recruiter gets a pool of candidates to fish the best from.

  1. Determining The Best Candidates

One job opening, when posted correctly and on the right platforms by the recruiter will obviously get a lot of applications. The recruiter is responsible for analyzing all the applications and determining the most qualified candidate to work with for the job opening.

The recruiter takes time to look into each candidate’s hard and soft skills and match them with what the employer wants. At the end of the process, the recruiter can fish out a few candidates contacted for further evaluation.

After the recruiter determines that any of the candidates best qualifies for the job, it is their responsibility to go the extra step to do a background check to determine whether the information provided is actually true. Upon determining the details provided are accurate, the recruiter links the candidate with the employer for further recruitment.

  1. Presentation Of Candidates

It is the responsibility of the recruiter to talk to the employers about the candidate they pulled out and explain why they think the candidate is the best.

The recruiter explains the qualifications and expectations of the candidate to the potential employer, and if they match the job description, the employer may consider the candidate for further recruitment.

The recruiter presents both the soft ad hard skills of the candidate to the employer to determine if they are exactly what the company is looking for. 

Passing every detail about the candidate to the employer helps minimize the chances of future regrets on the candidate chosen. If the company is comfortable with the candidate presented in the long haul, the recruiter is guaranteed to work with the company in the future.

  1. Conducting The Interview On Behalf Of Employers

Employers are generally busy, and they leave most of the recruitment work to the job agency they chose to find the right candidate. It is the role of recruiters in the agency to interview the selected candidate for the matching job opening.

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