Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Insurance Provider

Wondering about starting a brand new business, or simply looking to change a current insurance provider? Then it’s important that some time is spent reviewing different suppliers to find the one that’ll give the best cover – for the most competitive price. Every business has different needs and requirements, and what suits one perfectly, might not work so well for another. 

Advice, hints, and tips are on hand here – with these top five for choosing a commercial insurance provider. 

Choose a provider that has a great reputation

It’s an obvious first point to start with, but it’s sometimes a surprise just how many business owners will opt for the cheapest insurance possible – instead of looking at how good the company actually is when they’re searching for a competitive commercial insurance quote.

Not all providers are equal in terms of what they offer – or indeed how fair they are when responding to their customer’s inquiries. Take some time, do a real deep dive and find a quality provider with a solid reputation. 

What experience does the provider have with different clients? 

Does the insurer have the requisite level of experience in dealing with customers who work within similar industries, or not? This may be a deciding factor – providers who offer specialty insurance, or cover that can be tailored to a specific business might be better suited than one who offers more general cover.

Decent commercial insurance brokers will always offer bespoke packages that may give extra cover – or be able to provide budget-friendly solutions.

How about a competitive range of benefits? 

The insurance provider chosen needs to offer a good range of standard policy options. The non-negotiables should be general liability coverage, property insurance, auto insurance, and business interruption coverage as part of a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). 

What deductibles do they offer?

Does the insurer offer a decent level of deductibles? If so, this could help to seal the deal in terms of getting good coverage for a reduced rate. A good tip to note here is to make sure that there’s money set aside in a bank account – with a decent interest rate to cover these deductibles – covering for every eventuality.

How good is their customer service?

Look at reviews for the insurance provider – do they give a good level of customer service in the event a claim needs to be made? Or if there are questions to be asked concerning a policy or cover?

Other customers will be brutally honest if an insurance provider hasn’t met their expectations and this should be taken into account. Don’t consider anyone who doesn’t provide multiple ways to get in touch with them, or who has substandard reviews for customer care.


Searching for a new commercial insurance provider needn’t be a hassle with these tips. It’s important to look after the specific needs of a business and to ensure that in the event a claim has to be made, it’ll be dealt with in a calm, professional manner. 

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