Types of Pallet Truck

Moving heavy pallets or other loads around a warehouse, factory, or shop without a forklift can be incredibly difficult and potentially dangerous, but with the use of a pallet truck, it becomes much easier. Invented in the early 1920s, pallet trucks come in a variety of styles to suit different needs and environments.

Now modern pallet trucks are typically powered by either manual hand-pump or electric motor, but there are also more specialized types such as low-profile pallet trucks for narrow aisles and scale pallet trucks for weighing loads on the go. Many of which you can find at Lakeside Hire.

Types of Pallet Truck You Can Hire Or Buy

The following are the seven main types of pallet trucks:

1. Manual Pallet Truck: 

This is the most common type and uses a hand pump to lift and lower loads. It is typically used for lighter loads and shorter distances, but can also come in heavy duty options for up to 2500kg loads. 

2. Electric Pallet Truck: 

These use an electric motor to operate the lifting and lowering, making them suitable for heavier loads and longer distances. They also offer greater control over speed, direction, and smoothness of movement. 

3. Low Profile Pallet Truck: 

Sometimes called “slim jims,” these pallet trucks have a lowered chassis design allowing them to fit into narrow aisles or tight spaces where other pallets trucks may not be able to access easily. 

4. Scale Pallet Truck: 

This type includes a built-in weighing scale, allowing for easy weighing of loads while on the move. This can be useful for ensuring appropriate weight distribution or meeting shipping weight requirements. 

5. High Lift Pallet Truck: 

These have an extended lifting range, allowing them to lift pallets higher off the ground and often stack them onto shelves or racks for storage purposes. 

6. Straddle Pallet Truck: 

Designed for use with open bottom pallets or skids, this type has adjustable width straddle legs that support the load from either side instead of underneath it. 

7. Galvanized Pallet Truck: 

Made with galvanized steel, these are suitable for outdoor and wet environments as they are resistant to rust and corrosion. 

Safety Tips for Using Pallet Trucks

The following is a list of 10 safety tips for using pallet trucks:

1. Always inspect the pallet truck before use and ensure it is in proper working condition. 

2. Make sure you are properly trained on how to operate the equipment before use. 

3. Keep hands and feet clear of the lifting mechanism at all times during operation. 

4. Follow any specific safety guidelines provided by your workplace or manufacturer’s instructions. 

5. Do not overload the pallet truck beyond its weight capacity. 

6. Keep a steady speed, avoiding sudden starts or stops to prevent tipping or dropping of load. 

7. Maintain control of the load at all times, never leave it unattended while raised up or on an incline/ramp. 

8. Use caution when turning corners or maneuvering around obstacles. 

9. Do not use the pallet truck on uneven or unstable ground, it may tip over and cause injury or damage. 

10. Always secure the load before transporting to prevent shifting or falling during movement. 


Following these guidelines can help ensure safe and efficient operation of a pallet truck for yourself and those around you in the workplace. When it comes to choosing the right type of pallet truck for your needs, it’s important to consider the weight, size, and type of loads you will be using it with, as well as the environment in which it will be used.

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