What are your business’ most engaging touchpoints?

To significantly elevate your business’ marketing strategies, and secure a more optimal return on investment (ROI), you need to ensure you’re focusing on one specific business component – customer engagement.

The level of engagement at each of your marketing touchpoints is a major driving force for lead and sales generation, as well as your overall business revenue.

To ensure you’re managing customer engagement as effectively as possible, you need to ensure you’re both identifying and evaluating your most engaging touchpoints.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through expert call tracking software – such as call tracking with Mediahawk, for example – which will be discussed below.

In this article, you’ll learn what your business’ most engaging touchpoints are, and why they’re so crucial to your business.

What are your most engaging touchpoints?

Your business’ most engaging touchpoints are the marketing touchpoints that receive the highest number of interactions from customers.

Every customer will have their own unique journey with your business. This journey will consist of every different point of contact they have made, which could include clicking an ad, responding to an email, or making a phone call.

Each customer journey will be different, as they’re all likely to take various routes as they funnel through your marketing touchpoints.

The more successful marketing touchpoints will be best at driving high levels of engagement, whether it be customer visitations or any interactions – such as filling out a form.

One of the best ways to identify these touchpoints is through call tracking software. This tool will provide detailed reports and insights surrounding every customer call and their journeys, which will help you establish a customer journey map.

With your customer journeys mapped out, you’ll be able to see which touchpoints have the highest levels of customer engagement.

Why are they important for your business?

Your business’ most engaging touchpoints hold significant value to your marketing, and your business overall, and can benefit you in many ways. For instance:

  • Creating more effective marketing strategies

Identifying your most engaging touchpoints can help you further improve your marketing strategies, as you’ll be able to see which marketing campaigns are driving more customer interaction.

You want to make sure the majority, if not all, of your touchpoints, are producing sufficient levels of engagement.

To do this, once you identify the most engaging touchpoints, you can then replicate the successful aspects of these marketing strategies to create more touchpoints that customers want to interact with.

As a result, the more engagement received across a greater number of marketing touchpoints, the higher the increase in your lead and sales generation. 

  • Implementing a cost-efficient marketing approach

Being able to spot your most engaging touchpoints can also allow you to create a more cost-efficient approach to your marketing.

When you can see how every marketing touchpoint is performing with regards to engagement, you can adjust your marketing budget accordingly.

For the strategies that are proving more successful at creating engagement, you can either spend money on further improving these strategies, or create additional strategies that replicate aspects of them.

For the underperforming strategies that aren’t bringing in sufficient engagement, you can either draw back funding, or completely remove them.

This ensures the majority of your marketing budget is producing high engagement strategies, which are generating high numbers of leads and sales, thus creating a more optimal ROI.

Understanding, identifying, and evaluating your most engaging touchpoints is the key to greater success in your marketing. And with expert software to aid you, this process couldn’t be easier.

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