Why Executive Assistant Careers are a good option in the post-COVID World

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed how we live and work, perhaps forever. With movement restrictions, most white-collared professionals were furloughed as others lost their jobs.

Some jobs, however, were more adaptable as home became the new virtual workspace. Among these are the virtual executive assistant careers. Most who held this position wadded through the muddy waters and proved the work could be stable and fulfilling even through the economic turmoil Covid 19 left in its wake. 

Fast forward three years later, where do executive assistants stand in the post-COVID era? As the world slowly recovers, it’s only natural to wonder what the new norm will be. Will the executive assistant career be able to adapt back into the post-pandemic world? Or should we expect futile transitions back to what was? 

6 Reasons Executive Assistant Careers Will Thrive In The Post Covid World


In the post-pandemic world, many businesses have adopted remote working policies. As an executive assistant, one could work from home or any location worldwide. Today, some businesses will continue to uphold the same policies allowing executive assistants to work with multiple companies, managing the day-to-day activities remotely.


Adaptability is a vital skill to have in a constantly changing world. By working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, executive assistants are taught to be adaptable. They are the glue that keeps the office functioning smoothly and is often called upon to solve problems on the fly. Adapting to unforeseen circumstances is a skill that will serve in any career, but it’s especially valuable for Executive Assistants. In the post-pandemic world, companies need an assistant that can adapt to new situations and provide creative solutions to problems as they operate smoothly.

Multitasking skills

Executive assistants are skilled in multitasking, a skill companies need to handle several tasks and unexpected issues that may arise in one go. Multitasking means handling several tasks simultaneously, shifting priorities and making decisions on the fly. In the post-pandemic world, companies seek executive assistants who check this box to oversee their operations. 


In addition to multitasking, executive assistants are flexible, which companies need. Being able to adjust your work hours and schedules to suit the employer’s needs. In the post-pandemic world, companies need assistants available for virtual meetings or work extended hours, an opportunity you can take advantage of as an experienced executive assistant.

Experienced in technology

Technology is an ever-ending learning field, and proficiency in different technology systems is a big part of your work as an executive assistant, from working with virtual assistants, recording calls, organizing files and even managing different AI programs used at work. Companies still need Executive Assistants with technology experience in the post-pandemic world. As an executive assistant, you can fill this gap in the job marketplace to advance your career. 

Disaster planning

One sure-fire lesson we are taking with us from the pandemic is that disasters are unplanned, just as they are unforeseen. Companies are now more keen than ever on hiring assistants who can create a plan to handle unforeseen emergencies or unexpected situations. As an executive assistant with disaster planning skills to make quick decisions and keep the operations moving, this presents an opportunity in the post-pandemic world. Companies need an assistant that can manage crises professionally; this is an area in which you are skilled.

Closing Thoughts

Becoming an executive assistant is an excellent option if you are considering a career change. The executive assistants’ skills are invaluable with the post-pandemic world’s new norm. Companies are searching for individuals who demonstrate the skills mentioned above to ensure the smooth running of their daily operations.

While the world transitions to what it used to be, there is no denying things will not be the same as it used to be. Executive Assistant Training Courses have been redefined by COVID-19, and professionals will be taking some of the pandemic teachings and transitioning into the post-COVID world. There may be questions about how this will work, but one thing is certain: this career path will continue unabated in this new era and for more reasons than one.

So if you are considering embarking on the Executive Assistant career path, don’t hesitate. Your new and exciting career path awaits. 

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