Why to use LinkedIn automation tool

LinkedIn has become one of the most looked-after platforms these days. People from all walks of the profession use it to interact with like-minded people and generate quality leads. Like other social media platforms,

LinkedIn requires an active presence. But is it possible? If you are planning on using LinkedIn manually and expecting good results, you might want to change your plan a bit.

Maximum of your time will be dedicated to handling all the content, replying to messages, sending connection requests, etc. With the help of LinkedIn automation, you can save yourself from all the headaches and utilize time for other activities. 

Using the LinkedIn tool, you can save up hours, even days. But, now you might be thinking, what is LinkedIn automation? Is it safe to use them? All your queries will be answered over here. So, let’s begin:

What is LinkedIn Automation?

Being active all the time, sending out messages, and making connection requests to new people, there are multiple tasks that one has to perform on LinkedIn. One cannot perform it all one by one every day. It will just become monotonous and will take up time. This is where automation comes into use.

It will work like an extra pair of hands to ensure all the tasks are performed diligently. From upscaling your business to creating a solid LinkedIn profile, automation tools will help you achieve all your goals. It will feel like you can do two tasks at the same time. 

So, how can you get started with it? 

LinkedIn automation is all about using certain tools and softwares for performing activities that require the interference of humans. These tools try to mimic the way, let’s say, a human will reply to a message or send a connection request. 

What are LinkedIn automation tools?

As discussed above, LinkedIn automation is all about automating monotonous tasks requiring time. But how can you automate LinkedIn? Well, first need to have a good set of tools. 

With the help of LinkedIn automation tools, you can send messages, connection requests, and even post content periodically. In a nutshell, they imitate all the tasks like humans. Use Octopus CRM LinkedIn lead generation software for your business.

So let’s check out why to use the Linkedin automation tool by shedding some light on its benefits:

Benefits of LinkedIn automation tools:

Automate Online Interaction:

Using LinkedIn automation tools, you can ensure that you or your organization is always active over the platform. In addition, the automation system will ensure that the relevant posts are liked and commented on. Due to this, you will be visible to other members of the same industry. 

You can switch over to human interaction when you see that people have started to respond to your conversations. If you want to keep chatting using LinkedIn, you can. Make sure to have some tones of personalization. 

Helps in creating good strategies:

For forming strategies for your business, you will be required data. This is where the Linkedin automation software comes into function. These tools will fetch data from ongoing campaigns and past campaigns. Then, it will record all the information and provide you with a well-prepared report. 

Once you get the information, you can retrospect the past campaigns‘ downfalls and win-wins. This way, better strategies will be created for future ones. 

Overcoming the connection barrier:

There is a limitation over LinkedIn regarding the number of connection requests one can send in one go. If you will send too many requests at once, there is a chance that LinkedIn will track your account and will ban it. It can be temporary or permanent. This is something that everyone should avoid. 

Automation tools will help you out in you in overcoming this barrier. These tools allow you to stay within the limit yet not make it look all spammy. You can allow the LinkedIn automation tool to take all the headaches when sending connection requests.

All your why to use LinkedIn automation tool queries are answered with this. But due to restrictions from LinkedIn, you should use these tools carefully. 

Can you send automated messages on LinkedIn?

Simply answering yes, one can send automated messages on LinkedIn. Just make sure to be quite careful while sending out these messages. The goal of any business is to generate leads, so drafting meaningful messages with people will help you attract their attention. 

Writing a personalized message one by one will take a lot of time. However, you can reach a wider audience in no time using autopilot for the LinkedIn feature. If done right, one can send professional LinkedIn messages without wasting time. 

Make sure that these messages don’t sound robotic and have a humane tone. Also, these messages should not be sent in bulk to make sure that you don’t come under the radar of LinkedIn. 

This raises the question of whether LinkedIn automation is legal or not. Let’s find out.

Is LinkedIn automation illegal?

LinkedIn is the best platform for generating leads, but the use of automation is kind off prohibited on it. LinkedIn doesn’t want to make this platform filled with spammy messages, which hinders the user experience. Hence, prohibiting people from automating their tasks.

But that does not mean your account bans automatically after installing the tool. If you keep on using the automation tools quite often and cross the set limit, you might come under the radar of LinkedIn. This can cause your account to get restricted or permanently banned. 

Here are some triggers that might cause your account to get banned:

Using more than one automation account:

If you are using more than one automation tool at once, there are chances that your account might get banned. The eyes of LinkedIn are always on what its members are doing. When more than one tool works all at one go, their activity is hard to undetected. Using multiple automation accounts will put you in a tough situation with LinkedIn. So, it’s better to stick with just one tool rather than multiple ones. 

Not abiding by LinkedIn limitations:

There are a few specific limitations that LinkedIn sets. These Limits vary from one type of account to the other. The three types of LinkedIn accounts that you will find are:

  • Warmed Up Accounts
  • Premium Sales Navigator Accounts, 
  • Cold/ new accounts

The monthly searches are around 30 for cold and 300 for warmed accounts in all these accounts. For Premium accounts, there is the liberty of searching as much as you want. For managing the account, you can manage upto 30 groups and be part of upto 100. Make sure to keep the number of mentions as low as 20. Keeping these restrictions in mind can save your account from getting banned. 

Making use of Chrome Extensions:

Chrome extensions are known to be overexcited. They tend to automate almost anything that they can. This might be good for those keen on almost dedicating all the tasks to automation tools. But the downfall of Chrome Extensions is that they get tracked quite easily. Due to this reason avoiding the use of Chrome-based completely is a good option. 

How does LinkedIn detect automation?

No one can doubt how amazing LinkedIn automation tools are. With the help of the LinkedIn tool, one can save themselves from spending extra time on activities that do not require much attention. But LinkedIn does not encourage the usage of these tools. They even keep an eye on the activities of their members to ensure that no automated tools are used.

LinkedIn checks everything from the number of messages to the connection requests. Nothing goes off from the eyes of LinkedIn. So, be careful while choosing an automation tool to save your account from getting restricted or banned. 

What to consider when choosing a LinkedIn Automation tool?

Now that you know the importance of the LinkedIn automation tool and the restrictions that you have to follow let’s talk about a few points that you must keep in mind while choosing an appropriate tool:

Make sure that these tools are cloud-based

Cloud-based are safer to use as they are hard to detect and can easily integrate with the LinkedIn account. In addition, the filters on these tools ensure that you get the most appropriate data. As a result, you can use cloud-based tools without thinking twice about it.

Tools With dedicated IP

Tools that have a dedicated IP address tend to be safer from the eyes of LinkedIn. With these tools, you can send messages and invites without worrying about getting caught. Ensure the LinkedIn bot you will use logs in from the same IP address. 


After learning all about LinkedIn automation, one can easily say that it plays a vital role in enhancing the value of the business. The efforts that one puts into posting, sending messages, invites, and creating campaigns can all be made easily through automation. 

There has been enough debate regarding using LinkedIn automation tools when LinkedIn does not encourage it. But the amount of time that is saved by using these tools is what puts one in confusion.

In such a case, check the tools’ whereabouts before beginning to teach them in your work. 

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