10 Questions With Jamie Raven

Jamie Raven answers 10 questions following our recent interview with the BGT magician.


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We would like to do a 10 in 2 minute challenge which is 10 rapid fire questions, first answer that comes into you head?

Jamie: cool let’s do it…

1. Favourite TV Programme?
Breaking Bad.

2. Do you have any bad habits?
I talk in my sleep.

3. What was the first musical single you ever bought?
Oh, it was Oasis Wonderwall, on a tape (laughing).

4. Favourite Alcoholic Drink?
Ciroc Pineapple. (Laughing) It’s a Vodka flavoured with pineapple so it doesn’t taste like Vodka.

5. What item couldn’t you live without?
I’d have to say my phone. It’s not just the emails and stuff it’s everything. I’ve got my banking online and it’s the way you interact with the world now with twitter and Facebook so yes I’d have to say my mobile Phone.

6. What are you most scared of? Have you got any Phobias?
Yes, Wasps and Bees.

7. Favourite Pig-out food?
I’m going to have to say Pizza with meat on it, like Peperoni or Salami.

8. If you could star in a film which film would you pick? And don’t say The Illusionist.
Shawshank Redemption. Oh, or Hannibal, no, Silence Of The lambs. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.

9. When was the last time you told a lie? Please don’t say this interview (laughing)
When I was performing 2 days ago at a gig. As a magician (in a nice way) you have to lie quite a lot (laughing). I said “My hands were empty” and they weren’t (laughing)

10. Tell us your favourite joke?
Favourite joke? Oh no, I’ll have to tell you a clean one. A man walks into the Doctor with a Strawberry growing out of his head and the Doctor say’s “Wait here I’ve got some cream for that.”

The first couple that popped into my head aren’t fit for human consumption.

That’s brilliant mate. Last but by no means least have you got a message for your fans?
Is there anything you want to say to them?

Sure, love to. First and foremost if you watched the show and you voted, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s a truly humbling experience. As I’ve said. I’ve been performing professionally for 11 years.

I’ve been learning for 20 and I’ve always dreamed of performing live in Theatre’s and now my dreams have come true and that’s all down to the people who watched the show and voted.

If you come to any of the shows “The Illusionists” or my Tour, after every show I will come out into the lobby and if anyone wants a photo, anyone wants a signature, anyone wants a hug, anything.

I’ll be there and I will not leave until everyone who wants something has got something because I’m only there because people watched and voted for me.

I’ll only be there in those Theatres because the people who are there, have spent the money they have invested not only their money but their time to come down. They could be anywhere else in the world but they will be there on that day.


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