Adele interview and she is not loving the celebrity lifestyle

Adele has opening up about celebrity. Yes the money is incredible but the “Easy on Me” singer-songwriter opened up about fame in an interview where she spoke about her career, as well as what’s come with her massive success.

“I think it’s hilarious, that I’m an artist for my f–king job,” she explained.

“But celebrity comes with it, and I’m not out for that. I don’t like being a celebrity at all,” she admitted.

She also talked about how 30 is a reclaiming of her own narrative as an artist.

“This is my story, and I feel like it’s me taking back my narrative. I was on my own. I did it all on my own. If I’d like to thank anyone, it would be myself,” she said.

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“I think it’s an important record also for other artists to hear, those ones that I feel like are being encouraged not to value their own art, and that everything should be massive and everything should be, get it while you can,” she continued.

Adele hints at future collaborations in a new article on CultCrunch saying she is now open to working with more artists saying “I do get asked a lot. It’s definitely a muscle I need to learn how to exercise.

The star who is worth a reputed roughly $190 million said “I respect and love so many artists that I’ve come up with.

“We’re all similar ages, and I also think that we are the last bulk of artists that will be able to do what we did, how we did it, because people consume music so differently now, you know?”

The ‘Hello’ hitmaker also responded to those who have said she should “shake up” her sound on the internet – and insisted she will never change.

“Because that’s not what artists are. And I know a few of them that feel this pressure. To be like…all the time. And I just wanted to remind them all that you don’t have to be in everyone’s faces all the time. And also, you can really write from your stomach, if you want. So yeah, it definitely, definitely is my album, said Adele. I don’t think I will ever be like, ‘Oh, here you go, it’s yours.’ Never.”


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