Ben Porter – Love Island Interview

So all you Love Island Fans, We spoke to the beautiful Ben Porter about his time in the Villa and how is he coping after his TV show departure & more.

Ben still lives with his mum, is incredibly close to her, and says she’s taught him how to respect women.

Ben Porter - Love Island Interview with MARKMEETS.
Ben Porter – Love Island Interview with MARKMEETS.

Ben sat down with Charley-Jean in an exclusive interview with MarkMeets talking about his time on ITV2 show ‘Love Island.

That’s not to say Ben hasn’t got the capacity to go wild: Ben’s a big-drinking, hard-partying, slut-dropping, serial-dating lad’s lad, who is partial to the occasional one-night stand, albeit a respectful one.

So Firstly Ben, could you tell us your full name, age and location?
Benjamin Porter, 24, Wakefield.

What was you like with the ladies when you was younger?
Well I was in a relationship for 5 years, but when I wasn’t in one everything was pretty good, lots of fun times I’d say.

Are you still looking for love and going on dates?
Yes well I went on a date the other night actually, first one since I’ve been back, went alright but I am looking to settle down now.

How were your past relationships?
Good actually, the 5 year one was the only main serious one I’ve have.

Do you have a best chat up line?
I don’t really have one, I just go off the cuff and say something funny at the moment, I’m not into all that ‘excuse me have you fallen from heaven.’

Worst/Best date?
Somebody who couldn’t be themselves and took themselves so serious, like the first date on the show, we just sat there and spoke I didn’t like that; I like a date which is active like my perfect date would be something like bowling, because if someone could put them shoes and bowl a ball on the first date then they don’t take themselves too serious haha.

Celeb Crush?
Michelle Keegan.

Do you have a type?
I don’t really have type for looks wise as long as they are gorgeous haha but it’s all about the personality and a good sense of humour but it is more a sense of humour that attracts me more.

What was it like in the Villa?
It was really intense like, mission impossible I felt the experience overall was very good; they are all lovely people in there and you don’t see everything that happens, everyone is constantly laughing and playing pranks on each other.

Who was you most attracted to?
Looks wise and personality – I’d say Cally.

Love Island 2015 Cast
Love Island 2015 Cast

What did you miss the most?
I think you miss your phone the must because it takes a while to get used to not having it, to me it was good not to have any worries or anything. It’s does get a bit quite at times where you have down-time, you go from a right high to very low, one day feels like a week in there so I understand why people are saying they love each other.

What would you of brought into the Villa if you stayed longer?
A lot really, everyone loved me for the time I was in there, everyone was saying they wished I was in there from the start because I was so genuine but I would of added a bit of humour to be honest.

 Was you looking forward to the red room?
I wouldn’t of gone in thinking to have sex on TV but then when you’re in there you never know really because of how intense it is in there.

Who was you closest to in the Villa?
Max, Cally, Poppy – Poppy and me had a bond anyway because we went in at the same time and both knew it was mission impossible, like if i was in Josh’s or Lauren’s shoes I would on done the same really.

Who was different in person than you thought before going in?
Hannah, she was so nice like I thought she would be up her own back side but she weren’t she was really down to earth, I gave her a Dermalogica facial whilst we was in there too and she was like *Liverpool accent* “Ooo I love Dermalogica”, everyone else was asleep at this point.

Who will you stay in contact with after the show finishes?
Max, Poppy, Jon, Hannah and properly Cally as she from Yorkshire so will properly sort a night out or something.

How has the girl attention been since coming out of the Villa?
It’s pretty crazy like, I try to ignore it like people will send me naked photos into my inboxes and it’s like wow I’ve not even spoken to you or anything.

What do you want to do next?
Now I’ve had a little taster I want to do a lot more they said about next year’s show and stuff but I can’t say yes about that for next year because I don’t know where/what I’ll be doing, but I’d want to do Big Brother that’s my main goal now.

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