Adam Lambert Interview about his new album ‘The Original High’

Adam Lambert: ‘I want to be part of a trend and I want to connect with people’

The 33-year-old ‘Ghost Town’ singer Adam Lambert has said in a new interview that he wanted his new record to fit in with current trends and to be commercially accessible.

Adam Lambert Interview - MarkMeets
Adam Lambert “I want to be part of a trend, I want to be able to connect with everybody.”

Chatting to about his well received new album, ‘The Original High’, the superstar admitted that the main thing he wanted to achieve was to connect with his audience:

“I want to be part of a trend, I want to be able to connect with everybody.”

He continued: “But one nice thing about this album is that I didn’t compromise the vocal to do that.

The voice is still coming from a real place, just the framework around the voice may have changed a bit.”

When asked if he would ever do a Broadway musical: Adam (Who is the nicest guy ever said) “If I were going to do a musical, I would want it to be something new. I’d want to originate something. I wouldn’t want to step into something that the last guy did. I was getting frustrated with that with theater to begin with: when you get into these shows that have become ‘brands’ — and I have a lot of respect for those shows — but it sort of gets so ‘locked in’ to how it was originally staged, and that didn’t feel like the most creative opportunity”.

Adam Lambert went on to say “I want to have some input into how my character moves and dresses and sounds. And with these shows that have been running for a long time, it becomes like a theme park. ‘This is where you stand, this is how you say the line, this is how you sing the note, and you can’t do it any other way”.

“I hate being told what to do. So it needs to be like a collaboration.”

Lambert, meanwhile, has been confirmed for a live performance on ‘The Late Late Show’ in the USA in the coming weeks. The singer will take to the stage on the James Corden-helmed programme on July 16th.

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