Fifth Harmony chat about One Direction, exercise and music

Fifth Harmony chat about fitness routines, hanging out with One Direction and their success to date.

The ‘Sledgehammer’ hit makers who are enjoying incredible feats around the world right now caught up with Pressparty where members Camilia and Dinah Jane Hansen had a good chin wag.

Fifth Harmony chat about One Direction, exercise and music
Fifth Harmony chat about One Direction, exercise and music

When asked about eating healthily on tour : Camila: said”… we don’t! Well, we try to. For me, sometimes, I try to. I go through a phase where I try to and then I’m like, ‘oh, I miss Five Guys’, which is a burger chain. I’ve have Five Guys about, like, five times this week. Life is too short and you’ll make it shorter if you eat Five Guys, but whatever!”

Dinah Jane added “We try to eat healthier just so we don’t get sick fast… we usually fill up our fridge with fruits, cereal, almond milk!”

Do the Fifth Harmony ladies have a fitness routine? Camila reveals “I never have a workout phase. I remember once, while we were out recording… it was the first time we were ever brought out to LA; they brought out a fitness instructor to get us all fit and healthy, and the first time… I remember the first 20 minutes because I had never worked out before in my life and I literally threw up. It’s not for me; it’s just not for me. I’ll try, though… maybe.”

“I think it’s different for each of us. I know that Ally does Insanity – the Insanity workout, I know Dinah has these fits where she’ll get her rage out at the gym at like 1am… (both laugh)…”

The girls single ‘Worth It’ has just debuted at No.3 on the Official UK Singles Chart! Dinah Jane commented “Number 3 in the UK?! (In a British accent) What the bloody hell! It’s so awesome… it means a lot to us. The fact that you guys are digging it makes me so happy.”

“I am in love with the UK music. The way you guys play music in the clubs?! Ugh. I was like really, really surprised at how much R&B and urban music you play. I was expecting a lot of techno and pop, but I love your taste in music out there.”

Did you have much downtime while you were in the UK recently to check out the club scene?

Dinah Jane: “The boys took us – Niall (Horan) and Louis (Tomlinson) – they took us out to the club when we were out there. It was a lot… a lot of fun. It was my first time to a club out of the country and it was a great experience. It was really popping. Just Niall and Louis… we were at Britain’s Got Talent and right after the show, we bumped into them at the after party and they were calling us boring because we had a call the next morning at 5am. They were like, ‘you guys are so boring, just give us one hour,’ and we were like, ‘I am going to show you I am not boring! I’ll show you how the U.S. parties!'”

As women, do you ever feel pressured to fit a certain mould in the entertainment industry? 

Dinah Jane: “For me personally, no. It doesn’t really bother me. I just go with the flow. I’m pretty good at ignoring things. You have to have thick skin… especially as a female… you have to have thick skin in this business. It’s so scary out there. I just keep myself grounded and surround myself with people like family… they remind me how to be grounded and humble.”

Fifth Harmony‘s new single ‘Worth It’ is now available from iTunes

Fifth Harmony are made up of members Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui.

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