Billie Eilish tips Actress Lashana Lynch to play Bond

Billie Eilish has tipped Lashana Lynch to take over from Daniel Craig as a female 007.

Billie Eilish would love to see a female James Bond

The 20-year-old Grammy-winner and her sibling and co-writer, Finneas O’Connell, penned the Oscar-nominated titular theme for Craig’s final outing as James Bond in the iconic spy-thriller franchise, ‘No Time To Die’, and after BAFTA-winner Lashana’s brief stint as 007’s replacement, Nomi, in the latest film, Billie thinks it would be a “really cool move” to have her return as the lead.

In a new interview Billie was asked if she’d like to see woman take on the legendary role, to which she replied: “F*** yeah. I don’t know what they’re planning, but it would be a great idea. I think what was really cool about ‘No Time to Die’ is that Bond was replaced by a scary, dope 007 who’s just as cool, and she’s a woman. I thought that was a really cool move. I would like to see the movie of Lashana Lynch as Bond. I think that would be really cool. A female Bond. Unexpected. Just like ‘No Time to Die’.”

The ‘Bad Guy’ singer admitted she and her brother found it “intimidating” creating ‘No Time To Die’, as it was the 54-year-old actor’s final turn as the suave MI6 agent.

She said: “A big thing was acknowledging that this was going to be Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie.

“And that put even more pressure on us. We really wanted him to like it and it to pay respect to his Bond period. It’s a long time and it’s a big deal for him. It’s a lot of work that he’s put in. It was a priority for us to respect that. What I thought was really nice was that when we were in London making the record, and dealing with [the Bond producer] Barbara Broccoli and Hans and Steve and everyone involved in the movie, you could tell that Daniel was involved in everything. He really cared about this movie, and that made it even more intimidating for us.”

Billie and Finneas, 24, – who followed in the footsteps of fellow Americans, including Madonna, Sheryl Crow and Nancy Sinatra, in the landing the gig – were also concerned that not being from the UK would be an issue because Bond is a British icon.

She explained: “One of the things that I was initially worried about, was the fact that we’re not from the UK and maybe people wished we were, because this franchise is so British.

“I didn’t want to disrespect that. That was a big thing for us, which meant that it was so important that people in Britain liked it. It had to feel like Bond, it had to be genuine.”

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