Burnt stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller have ‘more respect’ for chefs

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller have revealed they have a new-found respect for chefs, after starring in culinary drama Burnt.

The pair say they think highly of restaurant chefs’ passion and dedication after portraying cooks themselves.

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Bradley said: “More respect, oh my gosh. The amount of pressure one puts themselves through to be in a kitchen and work in a kitchen at any level, I mean I couldn’t do it for any length of time.

“I worked in a kitchen for three or four months after high school before college and that was like, luckily I love to cook but at this level, going for your third star and under this type of pressure? It’s a rare breed that can withstand it.”

Sienna added: “These guys have such passion and the environment is so intense and boiling hot, it’s almost militant in that everything has to be timed perfectly.

“If one person slips up, the entire thing is ruined. And they respect the produce and the animal that died. There’s a whole ton of stuff going on that people don’t take into consideration and I kind of respect that passion.”

The role marks the fourth big-screen appearance of the year for Sienna, who is also a mother to three-year-old daughter Marlowe with fellow actor Tom Sturridge.

The 33-year-old actress, who previously worked with Bradley on American Sniper, has also appeared in US comedy Unfinished Business with Vince Vaughn, Mississippi Grind opposite Ryan Reynolds and High-Rise alongside Tom Hiddleston.

“The idea of committing to a film that I’m carrying for five months, that would be hard for me to do,” she explained.

“Luckily with these films, I manage to get shut out in a certain amount of time and the great thing with this job is that my daughter can come with me.”

Burnt is in UK cinemas now.

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