Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller on their Favourite Meals and worst cooking injurys!

Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper last worked together on the Oscar nominated film American Sniper, and they wanted to keep their professional relationship going with Bradley enlisting her for his next project. 

That was new film BURNT, which is about Adam Jones – a Michelin starred chef who’s battled addictions and  returns to try and get his third Michelin star with a new restaurant in London.

Bradley Cooper

As well as the two of them a number of famous faces crop up, including Emma Thompson, Lily James, Uma Thurman, Daniel Bruhl among other.

Sienna and Bradley sat down to chat to Lydia Batham from our Entertainment Hub about the film and their experiences, revealing they were cooking for real on set, how they spent time with people like Gordon Ramsey and how fun it was to get to smash up loads of plates.

She also wanted to find out a bit more about their eating habits, the worst injury they’ve ever had and what their thoughts are on food being served on shovels.

Burnt is out in cinemas from the 6th Novemeber. Watch the trailer below

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