B*Witched interviews we did in 2013

BWitched are an Irish girl group consisting of twin sisters Edele and Keavy Lynch, Lindsay Armaou and Sinéad O’Carroll.

8 years ago we interviewed B*Witched for another big site which is no longer running and so this content has not been live online for more than 4 years!! This interview took place just before ITV show The Reunion.

Here they are for you to re-enjoy and this time on MarkMeets.com


Q. What is the favourite song that all of you like to perform?

Talking vocally I think ‘(Blame it on the) Weatherman’ is beautiful. But for Nostalgia sake and everybody enjoying it, I would say ‘C’est La Vie’.

Q. You’ve been working hard in rehearsals, how do you find it on day 1.

Day one was so hard because we were so apprehensive about how much we had to do in such a short space of time. And also we hadn’t been in a work environment together for 12 years.

We were thrown in with all of the other bands aswell from day one and we were like actually ‘we haven’t really found our feet as a band together yet without being around five other bands as well. It was really bizarre.

Q. How have you found the relationship with all of you and the other bands, you must of known many of them from when you used to tour?

Yeah we did actually, the only ones that we hadn’t met before were Liberty X, so it was really nice to have fresh faces around considering this is all ‘new but old’. So for me I really enjoyed meeting Liberty X and we are quite friendly with The Honeyz and 911 and we have been over the years at different stages. It was quite nice to see them and they were friendly faces there.

Well 5ive, they were always a bit of a nightmare back in the day (Laughs) so I wasn’t sure what to expect with them but they’ve grown up and were nice.

Have to spoken to Shane from Boyzone about The Reunion?

Yeah, I was really surprised actually, he’s really enjoying it. He now watches the show every Thursday night and is texting away going ‘Oh Good luck’ and he’s really looking forward to seeing the show. She added “He’s been really supportive.”


Q. Are you enjoying the music business this time round?

It’s weird because we’re only dipping our toes back in the music business. we’re not fully in it in the sense off we’re not writing or releasing new material… not yet anyway (laughs), we’ll see if that happens.

It’s based doing this one off ‘Big Reunion show’ and now we’ve obviously announced that there is going to be a tour in May so everything is focused on doing those shows, and that in it’s self has been really enjoyable. 

Lindsay added “It’s been a huge challenge to get four people back together who haven’t worked together for 12 years, and in a relatively short space of time trying to get ourselves back to a level that we are happy to go back up on stage and perform.

Also off course there has been personal challenges as well in getting us back together and getting to a point where we can work together and enjoy the process.

All in all, it’s been a really positive thing and I am definitely enjoying it and i definitely intend to enjoy it but it hasn’t been easy along the way.

Q. With the upcoming tour, do you have any surprises for fans?

We haven’t really had a discussion about our tour show. The main focus has been on the show at the Hammersmith Apollo which is going to be televised by ITV2.

It’s only been in the last few days that the tour has become a reality so I’m imagining that after we get the 26th Feb (The Night of the show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo), done and dusted that we’ll sit down and have conversations about the tour and how we’re going to adapt the show to a big arena stage show.

Q. You’re doing 14 dates which venue are you most looking forward to perform at?

That’s an interesting one….Yeah, we’re doing 14 dates. I feel bad picking one. I think Dublin great because it’s been 15 years since I lived in Dublin and I don’t get back there often to be honest. So for me to go back to Dublin in the context of going back to perform at the 02 there will be extremely exciting for me. I think that will be a really cool one.

Lindsay added: I have to say that I am excited at playing the London 02 as well, you know cos it’s the London 02. It’s a big one, it’s going to be amazing and obviously all my friends (cos my life is in London now) so all my friends are over here so I’m gonna have loads of people that I know coming down-so it’s gonna be a really really exciting night I reckon. I’m looking forward to it.

Q. What was the last gig you went too?

The last gig that I went too…Beyonce two years ago- she was absolutly amazing. I’m sure i’ve been to something else since then, but yeah Beyonce, she was incredible.

Q. Do you own any albums by any of the other artists performing on the tour?

I’m not sure if I still do but It could be in storage but I definitely bought 5ives’s album and I also have 911 albums. 


Q. What is the possibility of B*Witched ever releasing a new track?

You know what it is, we haven’t actually done this gig for that and there are so many things for us to have to go through to even be capable of being in a band we need to be for this show as well.

In rehearsals we’ve really gelled really well and are enjoying ourselves so the band has it’s own spark back again. So if the demand is there i’m sure we would make a new record but that’s not our plan just yet

Q. Were you quick to jump on board to be back with B*Witched?

‘Oh my god’, I didn’t want to do it all if i’m honest. For me it’s a definite come around to the idea of doing it. 

My daughter is in school now and you know I thought ‘Oh you know what…doing a reality show and people having an opinion on you as a person and not in the school yard and all of that. I was like ‘I don’t know if I wanted to start it with my kids, the kind of hassle they get”.

Edele added: I remember my little sister getting alot of hassle when we were in B*Witched and when Shayne was in Boyzone at the time and so it made me think about them. But then the girls had considered maybe doing it without me, so i figured this is just silly as being the lead singer and not being there I would get the same amount of attention anyway, so i might as well do it. 

Q. Have you spoken to Shane in the past couple of weeks?

He’s been really supportive about it. He’s looking forward to the gig at the Hammersmith Apollo so that’s good. 

Q. What is the track that you are most proud off?

Well that’s funny, because when you say which track are you most proud off, there can only be one answer I think and that’s “C’est La Vie” because it travelled worldwide and was number 1 in I don’t know how many countries and it cracked America for us as well. 

If you asked me what my favourite was, i would say “I Am A Ghost.” We wrote our own music as well and that was the favourite one that was written.

Q. Do you own any albums by any of the other artists performing on the tour?

I have to say no, isn’t that really bad? (Chuckles), but I am considering buying 5ive’s greatest hits album for my daughter because I think she would love it. 

I’m surprised I don’t own a 911 album cos we were on there tour so perhaps we should of bought it at the time (Laughs). Even ‘The Honeyz’ cos i liked afew of their songs. I don’t actually buy an awful lot of music because even though I might like songs I’m quite fussy with who I really follow. I wouldn’t go out and buy hundreds of CD’s all the time. 

I like really good stuff that will last like ‘Jewel Spirit’. I like that album and I like Tracey Chapman ‘Crossroads’ and things that that will really stand the test of time. 

Q. What was the last gig that you went too?

Oh it must have been a while ago, I can even remember. It was either Take That or Bon Jovi. They both actually were amazing. Take That put on a unbelievable night. I wasn’t a Take That fan, not that I didn’t like them, but when I went to see their live show I’ve been a fan since. 

Q. Are you most looking forward to performing on tour in Dublin?

It’s gonna be really great to be playing home again but I’m really looking forward to doing them all. Our market was just as much in the UK as it was in Ireland so it’ll be nice to give the fans what they want for one more time. 


Q. What would you like to see happen after the TV show and tour?

That is really up in the air. I think because Edele didn’t even want to do this in the first place. I think even getting to the rehearsal stage in January was even abit of a task and the fact that we did that and only spent only 2 weeks together in the past 12 years. Sinead added: The first week was abit weird, the second week the chemistry was coming back. I think we are all taking this basically as nostalgia really for the moment. Cos Lindsay has got her acting and Keavy’s got accounting and they want to pursue different things so it’s one of those things Mark. It’ll be interesting to see what the public think and if there was abit of traction on that we might sit down and have a conversation about it, but at the moment our head is just at ‘Let’s just do the gig, you know…get back together’. It’s been nice just to do that really.

Q. What do you make of the fan reaction to all of you getting back together again?

The reaction has been really good I have to say. People from years ago have being trying to find us on Twitter and Facebook and it’s just been really really nice. 

Sinead added: It’s funny because some of the fans have got kids now and they’re bringing their little kids to the concert which seems really weird (Laughs).

It’s been really surprising and really good. Hopefully they’ll be pleased when they come to see the show.

Q. Will you enjoy it more this time round?

It’s a different industry now and I was really looking forward to the two weeks of rehearsals and then I found it bought up so many different things. I am so excited that we will be t=doing the tour and travelling around. I am really looking forward to it.

Q. Are you looking forward to performing in Dublin?

Yeah, YES! We have never done the 02, it used to be ‘The point depot’ and it’s a new venue now so it’s really exciting.

The day we play the 02 in London will be my 40th Birthday! How cool is that!!

Q. Have you brushed up on your dance routines.

Oh my god , Yeah, but we’ve changed afew bits and added afew bits. We’ve got afew more days rehearsals before the 26th. 

Questions by Mark Boardman, editor at entertainment website MarkMeets.com

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