Carrie Anne-Moss happy Trinity wasn’t ‘overly sexualised’ in The Matrix

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Carrie Anne-Moss has admitted she was glad her character, Trinity, in ‘The Matrix’ wasn’t sexualised as she was already so “overwhelmed” by Hollywood.

Actress Carrie Anne-Moss is grateful her ‘The Matrix’ character wasn’t “overly sexualised”.

The 54-year-old actress has reprised her role as computer programmer and hacker Trinity in the upcoming fourth instalment in the blockbuster sci-fi franchise, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’.

And Carrie-Anne has admitted she appreciative of the fact directors The Wachowskis sisters – Lana and Lilly Wachowski – never took her alter ego in “that direction”, as she admitted she was naive to Hollywood when she shot to fame in the first film in the cult series in 1999.

She said: “I don’t know. When I did the first film, I was super-young; I didn’t really understand all the different things that were happening, it was just such a whirlwind.

“When I saw the movie I was overwhelmed by it.

“I’d never seen myself in that way on a big screen.

“One of the things that I love about Trinity has to do with the gaze of the filmmakers.

“It’s Lana, and how she shoots.

“She loves Trinity so much.


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“I can really appreciate it, in hindsight. I didn’t feel that she was overly sexualised, and I don’t think they would have picked me anyway if they were looking for that. I am grateful, in Hollywood terms, that it wasn’t taken in that direction.”

The ‘Love Hurts’ star also recalled how she was unable to complete a scene in the originnal flick while she was wearing stilettos, and so they had to give her a boot with a “solid heel” to steady her.

She told The Guardian and other press including CultCrunch: “In the first one, there was one scene where they had me in a kind of a stiletto, and I couldn’t do the scene. You can watch The Matrix Resurrections’ new Matrix 4 movie trailer

“I had auditioned with that scene, and then suddenly there we are on the day shooting it, and I was unsteady.

“It was the whole thing in the nightclub, where I’m whispering in the guy’s ear, and I’m supposed to be really grounded and strong, and yet I could barely stand straight. And so they took those off and gave me a boot with a nice solid heel.”


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