Chloe Lang: A Decade Beyond Stephanie from LazyTown

What happened to Stephanie from Lazy Town? After Lazytown, the now 21 year-old actress continued to pursue acting and appeared in a few TV shows and films.

A decade has passed since Chloe Lang first graced our screens as the iconic Stephanie Splitz on the beloved children’s show, LazyTown. In an exclusive interview, Chloe reflects on her journey from child stardom to adulthood, discussing her unexpected rise to TikTok fame, her exciting upcoming projects, and the unique circumstances that shielded her from the darker aspects of the entertainment industry.

LazyTown: A Nurturing Environment

For many, Chloe Lang will forever be remembered as the pink-haired, endlessly optimistic Stephanie Splitz, often seen teaming up with Sportacus, portrayed by the show’s creator, Magnus Scheving. LazyTown, a popular TV series, once owned by Nickelodeon and later taken over by Warner Bros, was the platform that catapulted Chloe into the world of entertainment.

Chloe recalls her family’s challenging decision to uproot their lives and move to Iceland, where the show was produced. “I can’t thank my family enough,” she reflects, “Only my mom and I moved there, and my dad stayed home because I have siblings as well. So the rest of my family stayed back, and it was all hands on deck. It was a hard decision for my mom at the time. But me being so young, I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s go!’ It was very exciting.”

This bold move to Iceland turned out to be an excellent choice. Chloe quickly fell in love with the country and the unique experience of being part of the LazyTown family. She maintains her connection with the people she worked with, even returning to Iceland during the summers. Chloe describes the profound impact of show creator Magnus, who poured his passion and energy into every aspect of LazyTown, from costumes to set design, creating an inspiring environment for the cast and crew.

Unconventional Education on Set

Chloe’s schooling during her time on LazyTown was far from conventional. She was tutored on set, and her fellow cast members often got involved in her educational activities. Chloe fondly recalls moments when the cast cheered her on as she created a model volcano for a science class project. They also participated in an egg drop contest, demonstrating the camaraderie that prevailed on set.

Despite this unconventional education, Chloe transitioned back to regular school life with relative ease. She faced the inevitable comments about being a “movie star” or “the girl from LazyTown,” but she embraced her normality, telling her peers, “I’m just a normal girl, I’m like you guys.” Her ability to reintegrate into mainstream education was facilitated by her down-to-earth attitude, and she is grateful for the opportunity to have a typical middle school and high school experience.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Child Stardom

Child stars often share stories of the dark side of the entertainment industry, revealing its challenges and pitfalls. Chloe Lang, however, managed to avoid many of these issues, a feat that she attributes to the unique circumstances of her time on LazyTown.

“Being older and hearing all the horror stories about how bad it can be… I’m just 10 times more grateful that I had the experience that I did,” Chloe admits. She points to a significant reason behind her positive experience – Iceland. “I was just thinking, how lucky am I that it just so happened to be filmed in Iceland. Everyone was pretty much Icelandic besides a handful of us. I think if I were to film that show in LA or anywhere else in the States, really, it wouldn’t have been the same.”

Chloe reflects on her treatment during her time in the spotlight, describing it as being “like a princess.” She emphasizes the strong support she received, particularly due to her unique position as the only child on set. The cast and crew were highly aware of this and went above and beyond to provide her with guidance and support.

Chloe’s journey is a testament to the nurturing and protective environment that LazyTown provided, shielding her from the harsher realities often faced by child actors.

The TikTok Resurgence

A surprising twist in Chloe’s journey came during the COVID-19 lockdown when she decided to join TikTok. Her intention was simply to reconnect with her past, a decision that would lead to unforeseen fame.

Chloe, who had already garnered nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, started her TikTok journey. Little did she know that she was on the brink of going viral. “You know how TikTok is – it happened overnight,” Chloe explains. “I wasn’t expecting that at all.”

In one of her initial TikToks, Chloe decided to bring back her old Stephanie costume from LazyTown, complete with the bubblegum pink wig. The response was overwhelming. “I thought I would get a few more views – like maybe 200?” she admits. “But not millions. It was very unexpected.”

Chloe’s TikTok resurgence serves as a testament to the enduring love and nostalgia that viewers have for her iconic LazyTown character. It also highlights the unpredictability of social media platforms and their ability to revive and amplify moments from the past.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Upcoming Projects

Chloe Lang’s journey from LazyTown to TikTok fame has been remarkable, but she is not resting on her laurels. She is excited about her upcoming projects, showcasing her evolution as a performer.

While Chloe is appreciative of her past and her role as Stephanie Splitz, she is eager to explore new opportunities in the entertainment industry. Her versatility and talent as an actress and performer have opened doors to fresh and exciting endeavors.

As Chloe continues her career, she remains grounded by her experiences on LazyTown and the support she received, both from her family and the Icelandic community. Her resilience, combined with her newfound online fame, demonstrates the enduring connection between actors and their beloved characters, even years after they’ve left our screens.


Chloe Lang’s journey from child stardom on LazyTown to her unexpected resurgence on TikTok is a testament to her talent, resilience, and the nurturing environment that surrounded her during her formative years. Her positive experiences in the entertainment industry and her ability to navigate the challenges associated with child stardom set her apart. As she embarks on new projects, Chloe’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring performers and a reminder of the enduring impact of beloved childhood characters.

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