Chris Hardman, Tom Mann & Giles Potter exclusive interview

Chris Hardman (Lil Chris), Tom Mann & Giles Potter chat with MarkMeets in a new exclusive interview. We sent our roving showbiz reporter Charley backstage after their recent London gig to have a fun chat with the hot young singers about: Touring, Fans, Take That, Fashion and McBusted.

Chris found fame on the ‘Rock School‘ TV series whilst Giles and Tom each auditioned for the last series of X factor.

Chris Hardman, Tom Mann & Giles Potter interview

The stars have been touring venues around the UK including Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Giles “I just want to get this out of the way “ANUS”. Lil Chris “You have to keep that bit in”!

How did you find your performance tonight guys? Lil Chris “Really fun, I really enjoyed it”. “I got really hot and sweaty, I loved it”.

Tom Mann “Loved it, great crowd and really loud. One of the best crowds we’ve had on the tour”

They all agree but then Lil Chris (They discuss Glasgow which was also good). Tom adds to Lil Chris “Glasgow was good but was there was more people here in London”. Lil Chris replied “About the same”.

Giles “It was an okay night for me, I had a bad throat leading up to this gig”. Tom and Lil Chris laugh at Giles and both play the air violin. Giles added “I carried on through it and enjoyed it”.

Tom then shared that Giles had nearly fainted from hunger earlier so he had to go to McDonalds”. Lil Chris said to Tom that he wanted to put Giles into a warehouse job “I wanna see him lifting stuff and like starting at 4am and finishing at 8pm, he would probably die”. Giles jokes that he would “Pass out” and said he would need to eat during the day. Giles asks Lil Chris if they eat, he said “Do they not do that”? Lil Chris jokes “Nooo they don’t! Off course they do really”.

Lil Chris “You starred in the westend show ‘Loserville, what are your thoughts on McBusted?

I’ve not been so excited about something for a long time, as soon as I heard it, watched all the videos and saw the press conference and stuff, I’m friends with James Bourne because of Loseville…we spent abit of time jamming and it’s just so cool to see him doing what he loves cos he absolutely loves it. James is really excited about it and it’s going to be amazing!!

Have you ever thought about joining a boyband (Lil Chris).

No, I might do at one point but I just like being the centre of attention.

So Tom (Mann), what can we expect from you in 2014?

“Mainly I want to get in the studio and write, plus start on an album. Hopefully there’s a couple of tours in the pipeline. I love playing live and I want to start touring with new material.

Why aren’t you verified yet guys?

Tom “I don’t know (haha). I have no idea how it works! Giles is obsesses with twitter though!

Giles “I wanna get verified SO bad”.

Tom “It’s not something that bothers me at the moment, it would be nice though.

(They all discuss Instagram followers). Lilchrishardman1, has over 1700 followers, TomMannMusic (Over 7800) and GilesPotter (75,000).

Giles, has anything cheeky or naughty happened on tour?

“Loads, I’ve thrown water over people, drawn on people’s faces and got my arse out over their (Points to corner of the green room backstage)”. He added “It’s mainly me who causes all the shit really”.

Giles revealed that “We go for team poo’s”.


Lil Chris “Do we”? “This is news to me”.

Giles “We do this thing called “Team Poo”.

Tom “I’ve had a tinkle but I haven’t been for a team poo”.

Lil Chris “I think your mistaking for when we go for a poo you follow us in”. The boys all laugh!

Lil Chris, 7 years since you made it on TV, where did you think you would be now?

“To be honest I thought I would probably be the biggest thing in the world”…”Close, but not quite there yet!”

Chris went on to say “I don’t think that far ahead, maybe that’s the problem”.

Tom said “He peaked so young and then you have to try and top that”.

Giles, as you were on the X factor, are you a fan of Take That and Gary Barlow?

“Yep, massive fan of Gary Barlow and Take That”,

Do you like Gary Barlow’s new album?

“I have not heard the album but love his new single ‘Let Me Go’, that’s one of my favorite songs at the moment”. Giles then sings and line and reveals he was at the X factor show where Gary performed the song live. He said it was “Pretty Cool”.

“It’s really weird being on the show, getting friendly with the judges then seeing them on TV” said Giles.

Giles then prompts Chris about ‘Rock School’, Lil Chris then explained the format to the show and how it worked.

Do you have a favourite clothes store?

Giles Shout “Ratchet Clothing”.

Tom “My favourite store is Topman”. I try and shop anywhere else and I think, na I’ll just go to Topman again!. That is my only store and it’s nearly my name as well!.

 Giles, what is your best joke?

“Right this is a killer this one: ‘How do you get Pikachu on a plane”?

Tom “Pokémon”. After a short silence he tells his his joke: “Two peanuts walk into a bar, one was assaulted (A Salted)”.

How many hats do you own Chris”?

Giles guesses four though Chris reveals “Probably about 30 or something”! Giles has a shocked expression and says “I don’t even wanna look at your room at home”.

Chris is currently wearing his own ‘Chris Hardman’ hat which is now available from his site.

Giles, what is the best advice you’ve been given and who by”?

“It was probably by Chris”, although he can’t remember what he was.

He went on to say “It was with Chris as we were talking about set-lists right. I’m do a lot of covers (Looks at the camera), cos I like doing covers, but I’ve started to release my own material since my voice has changed and stuff like that”.

“Chris then gave me the best piece of advise ever which was ‘Just always be yourself’. In some of the songs I try and be like the artist who sings it.

Have you guys got a name for your fans and message for them?

Giles holds his hand up eagerly then points at Tom Mann and says “Mannimals”. Tom then delivers a message to his fans “Thank you to everyone for their support and to everyone who bought tickets to the tour, cos I’ve had a blast”.

“To all my Potette’s out there, I just wanna say thank you ever so much to everyone who follows me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and for keeping me up to date with what I do. “Said Giles Potter.

Chris hasn’t got a name for his fans right now. He added “I did once want to call them grandads as I thought it would be quite funny”.

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Interview by Charley Jean for MarkMeets

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