Cillian Murphy teases ‘sensational’ Oppenheimer

Cillian Murphy thinks ‘Oppenheimer’ is a “sensational” film.

The 46-year-old actor plays J. Robert Oppenheimer – the man known as ‘the father of the atomic bomb ‘ – in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie and is delighted to have the opportunity to bring the ‘Inception’ director’s story to the big screen.

Cillian said: “I think it’s the best script I ever read.

“He wanted it to be solely from Oppenheimer’s perspective. And I think the film is sensational. As a person who loves films – I’m not saying it ‘cos I’m in the f****** thing, I hate looking at myself – but as a lover of film, as a cinephile, I’m a Chris Nolan fan.”

‘Oppenheimer’ is the latest collaboration between the ‘Peaky Blinders’ star and Nolan after they first worked together on ‘Batman Begins’ back in 2005 and Murphy finds it “absurd” that he has been in so much of the filmmaker’s work.

He explained: “I was a Chris Nolan fan. That’s how I was when I met him for the first time, because I’d watched ‘Following’, I’d watched ‘Memento’, I’d watched ‘Insomnia’.

“And I met him for ‘Batman Begins’, and I met him on the basis of being a fan. So, it feels absurd that I’ve been in six of his films.”

Murphy has such respect for the director that he even appeared in a minor role as a ‘shivering soldier’ in Nolan’s 2017 war film ‘Dunkirk’.

He said: “I’d always show up for Chris, even if it was walking in the background of his next movie holding a surfboard. Though… not sure what kind of Chris Nolan movie that would be.

“But I always hoped I could play a lead in a Chris Nolan movie. What actor wouldn’t want to do that?”

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