Classic Books Make Your Day: How Can They Help with Overloading at Work?

The picture of spending an evening curled up on a couch, a cup of tea by the side, and a good book in your hand is a near-perfect scenario. The bibliophiles among us have already got used to such ‘party time.’

Most of us often reach out for our smart devices when we take a break. By doing this, we are further exposing our eyes to the harsh light and adding on to the stress.

It should not come as a surprise when experts say that taking a break from the blue light of the digital world is one of the recommended ways to unwind by the end of the day. Read on to find out why it is in your best interest to pick up the good old habit of reading.

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How Reading Helps

If you have never experienced the thrill of a mystery novel or the calming effect of good prose, it might be challenging to understand how much a good book can affect one’s thoughts, and, ultimately, well-being.

A 2013 study conducted by researchers from Emory University focused on the effect of reading on 21 students for 19 days. After taking regular MRI scans, the scientists observed that the learners have heightened connectivity in brains’ parts.

Even when students were not reading, their brains continued to be in the stimulated state. A mind that is left unstimulated has a higher chance of falling into a rut or even depression. Bibliotherapy, combined with writing therapy, is used as a form of the art treatment for depression associated with stress caused by work overload.

Reading is also considered as a way to exercise one’s brain. It is highly beneficial, especially if your occupation requires frequent writing.

Whether we talk about students to whom writing is a part of the education process or professionals helping with custom writing, reading can make anyone perform better, and help reduce work stress.

It is not solely brain stimulation that reading can enhance. A study conducted at the University of Sussex observed that it is also the most effective way to reduce stress levels. According to Dr. David Lewis, who conducted the study, it is the ultimate relaxation in a world where we all need escapism. In his interview with The Telegraph, the author elaborates on how an engaging book can be an escape from the every day worries.

Reduce Stress with Reading

Those for whom reading is new territory, it might not always be exciting to pick up a look after a stressful workday. Here are a few tips on how to set the perfect reading routine.

Bedtime Routine

Saving a book for the end of the day would help you fall asleep much better. Choosing the right material to one’s liking is essential in this regard.

Also, if you prefer to read before your sleep, try to choose a paperback rather than a Kindle or any other e-version. The light from the screen will add the pressure on your eyes, making it difficult to fall asleep.

A Calming Spot 

Reading does not have to confine to bedtime alone. To gain the best stress-relieving advantages, choose a space where you feel the calmest. No distractions are allowed.

Take a Time Out

Many people opt to read on the way to or from work, as a way to keep themselves busy but at the same time to relax. Even on a busy day, it is possible to reach for a book instead of browsing endless social media feeds.

Once the book hooks you, you will soon find yourself wanting to read more at every chance you get.

Choose a Captivating Book

It is evident that comforting an interesting book gives you a better chance of relaxing. If the paperback you’ve chosen does not captivate your attention, the mind will inevitably wander somewhere.

And before you even acknowledge this, you would be thinking about the work you have to do tomorrow, some not addressed issues, usual chores, etc. Do not allow negative thoughts to fill your mind.

Final Words

Starting a new habit might seem like a hard thing to add to one’s plate. However, if it can help you improve the quality of life, it is worth the effort. Reading might not solve any issues, but it will undoubtedly make you feel better.

This activity has proved to be one of the most effortless ways to bring positive changes in one’s life. Wisely chosen book inspires and motivates.

It could serve as a stressbuster, and over time, you would be looking forward to coming back to some classic piece of writing at the end of a long workday.

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