Escape Room Tricks: 3 Key Tips on How to Beat an Escape Room

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Do you enjoy being afraid?

Surprisingly, there’s no word for this feeling in English. We do have a word that comes close,
however. The word frisson refers to the pleasant chill you get from certain emotions, fear among

Fear makes us go through a fight or flight response, causing an adrenaline rush. However, our
body soon realizes we’re not in danger, so the fear stops, but the adrenaline lingers.
This, combined with escapism, is the concept that escape rooms depend on. A lot of escape
rooms may be tough to solve, but some tricks might help. We’ll talk more about some of these
escape room tricks below.

1. Choosing a Team

When choosing a team for an escape room, it sounds logical to choose teammates who are
good at puzzles, but this isn’t always true. While experience with puzzles and riddles helps, the
most important factor is teamwork.

It’s best to choose people you get along with and spend time with, be they relatives, friends or
co-workers. The size of the team is also important to consider.

One of the best escape room tricks is to not fill up the room. The more the merrier isn’t a good motto when it comes to escape rooms.

Usually, teams of four or five are the best option. You will have enough people to find clues
without anyone having to wait around.

2. Spread Out

Teamwork is important, but in escape rooms, the goal is to get as much done as you can in a
short time. This calls for a division of labor.

You save time by having everyone do a different puzzle. Someone might need help every once
in a while, and that’s okay. It’s also okay to ask for hints if you need them.

3. Tell Your Partners

Whether you’ve at a cousin’s birthday party or a professional escape room in Virginia Beach, communication is key. A common problem among participants is that they don’t tell each other when they’ve solved a puzzle. This may lead their teammates to waste time trying to solve that
same puzzle.

If you’ve solved a puzzle, tell somebody. It may be handy to bring some kind of marker you can use to signal when you finish something, like a penny. You can place the penny on the clue
after you’re finished with it.

Communicating success is as important as communicating failure. You’re in this together, and being too stubborn to admit you need help can hold you back.

Escape Room Tricks that Can Make You a Pro

Escape rooms are one of those activities where it’s hard to have an advantage. There’s no way of knowing the puzzles ahead of time.

The rooms are built so anybody can walk in and have a good chance of solving them. Studying
won’t help you.

There are a few escape room tricks that can improve your chances. We’ve mentioned some of them in this article, but there are others out there. We encourage you to do more research if
you’re interested.

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