Dolly Parton’s Iconic Wigs: A Glimpse into Her Vibrant Style

Dolly Parton owns more than 350 wigs and is able to wear a different style every day of the year.

Dolly Parton, the legendary 77-year-old singer, and entertainer, renowned for her iconic style, recently gave a peek into her world of wigs and the story behind her remarkable style. She revealed that she possesses an extensive collection of wigs and shared an interesting tidbit – her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, doesn’t approve of all her wigs.

Parton describes her wigs as being “all big and they’re all sexy.” However, she humorously disclosed her husband’s preference, saying, “When I wear my hair too stationary, I said, ‘You don’t like my hair?’ And he said, ‘Well, it looks too important.’ There’s a certain look that looks important.”

The revelation about her impressive wig collection led to the inevitable question of just how many wigs she owns. Parton replied with a characteristic touch of humor, “Once somebody asked me, ‘How many wigs do you have?’ I said, ‘Well, I must have at least 365 because I wear one almost every day.'”

Parton’s attachment to wigs doesn’t mean she neglects her natural hair. She maintains her own hair, ensuring it is dyed and styled, especially for those occasions when she chooses to flaunt her own locks. “I keep my own hair about the same length, and I keep it bleached, and my roots done up,” she says. “When I’m around home or whatever, when I’m comfortable, but I still pull my hair up. I still like it to look [nice].”

But what lies at the heart of Dolly Parton’s flamboyant style? To understand this, one must delve into her past and the influences that shaped her iconic look.

Childhood Influences: “The Town Tramp” Who Sparked It All

Dolly Parton’s journey towards her iconic style commenced in her childhood, influenced by an unlikely source: “the town tramp.” Parton shared her recollection of this woman, who, in her youth, caught the attention of the local men. Despite being the subject of unwanted rumors and labels, Parton couldn’t help but admire her.

“The men did pay attention to her. She could have got a reputation she didn’t deserve… but they called her trash,” Parton reflects. “When I was little, I thought, ‘That’s what I want to be when I grow up.'”

This glimpse into the intriguing influence of her early years offers a deeper understanding of the roots of Dolly Parton’s unconventional style, characterized by audacity and a desire to stand out.

Style Inspirations: Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, and a Love for All Things Sparkly

Parton’s style is not just about wigs and flamboyant clothing; it is a vibrant celebration of individuality. She draws inspiration from iconic figures such as Mae West and Marilyn Monroe, who left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and entertainment.

“I wanted anything colorful, anything sparkly. I just wanted to shine,” Parton confesses.

Mae West’s and Marilyn Monroe’s influence on her style cannot be overstated. These women embodied confidence and charm, and Dolly wanted to emulate that. Her journey into the world of fashion and flamboyance began early, as she recalls, “I started out in business when I was 10 years old… and so my aunts, my mom, different people would make things for me.” This nurturing environment allowed her to explore her fashion sense.

As her career skyrocketed, so did her penchant for all things glittering. Dolly Parton acknowledges, “But then as my career started going on more and more, I felt like if you’re a star, you gotta shine. It just kind of kept going and going into where I just couldn’t get enough sparkle in my life. Still can’t.”

A Personal Expression of Confidence and Comfort

One might assume that Dolly Parton’s extravagant style is merely a public image or a persona crafted for the stage. However, she clarifies that her style is a personal expression of how she feels and who she is. “It was more important that I be comfortable inside of myself… I just felt better in me to look that way. It just gave me a little extra confidence,” she says.

Dolly Parton’s style is about more than just appearances; it’s about embracing one’s uniqueness and feeling good in one’s skin. This approach to fashion and self-expression is a testament to her authenticity and the way she empowers herself through her style choices.

Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones

Fans of Dolly Parton will soon have the opportunity to delve deeper into her world of fashion, style, and self-expression with the release of her new book, “Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones.” This book promises to be a treasure trove of insights, anecdotes, and, of course, dazzling fashion photographs.

As for the most important item featured in her book and her closet, Parton quips, “Shoes. I gotta wear my high heels, so I can reach my wig cabinet.” This witty response encapsulates the essence of Dolly Parton’s style – a harmonious blend of glamour, humor, and an unapologetic love for self-expression.


In this insightful interview with Dolly Parton, the beloved entertainer opens up about her iconic style, her extensive collection of wigs, and the inspirations that have shaped her remarkable fashion choices. Her style is not merely about appearances but is deeply rooted in her personal expression of confidence and comfort. It is a celebration of individuality, embracing what makes her feel good and allowing her to shine. As she releases her new book, “Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones,” fans can look forward to a deeper understanding of the woman behind the wigs and rhinestones, a true icon in the world of music and fashion. Dolly Parton’s style is not just about her public image; it’s about her journey to becoming the self-assured, iconic figure we know and love today.

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