Eva Mendes was tired of being offered rubbish movie roles

She’s best known for appearing in ‘Hitch’ and ‘Ghost Rider’, but the Hollywood star hasn’t appeared in any blockbusters for more than a decade.

After only appearing in three projects between 2013 and 2021, speculation followed that the actress gave up Hollywood for good.

The star addressed the claims explaining she left to focus on the family.

She said: “I would get back into acting for a great role, I took time off to be with the kids because they were just so little, our older one just turned eight.

“But it’s also because there are just some pretty s**** roles being offered to me and I’m just so sick of taking them. I was sick of it. I said ‘you know what it’s not worth it’. If I’m gonna go away for a few months, I might as well do something that’s damn good.”

Mendes recently admitted her 2014 performance in Ryan Gosling’s directing debut ‘Lost River’ was the high point in her career and she is up for anything except violence and sexuality.

She wrote on Instagram: “I never quit acting.

“I wanted to be home with my babies and fortunately my other business ventures allowed me to do that more than acting would.

“Also, I was not excited about the stereotypical roles being offered to me at the time. Especially after working on the film LOST RIVER – that was a dream project. That’s a tough act to follow. What’s the point of this post? To shift that narrative. I never quit. I have such a shortlist of what I will do.

“Like, before kids, I was kinda up for anything, you know, if it was a fun project. But now I won’t do violence. I don’t want to do sexuality. The list is short.”

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