Exclusive Only the Young Interview

Only The Young are a new British pop group ready to take the world by storm!

This loveable, cheeky, fresh faced foursome chatted with the MarkMeets team recently at Camp Bestival 2015.

Only the Young Interview with MarkMeets
Only the Young Interview with MarkMeets

Back in May, we revealed the group have signed a record deal with Warner Music.

The four-pice group from London stars Betsy-Blue English, Charlie George, Mikey Bromley, and Parisa Tarjomani who were on the X Factor last year, 2014.

During their time on The X Factor, the group performed tracks including ‘Ghost’, ‘Come On Eileen’ and ‘Boom Clap’.


Interview by Chuckie

Read our interview with OTY from 2014.

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