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McFly star Harry Judd is delighted by the news that Busted and Charlie Simpson are finally making up having not speaking for seven years.

Two of our favourite two boybands teamed up last year to form McBusted, but Simpson declined to return (Charlie never wanted to make the music Busted made and had little input into the group’s direction).

Harry Judd happy for Busted, Charlie Simpson truce | MarkMeets News |
Judd admitted that there was some bad blood between Simpson and his former bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne, but said they were rebuilding a relationship.

He told Digital Spy: “I think there’s a lot of unspoken things between those guys.

“They never really fell out, it was more like…when they split up they were like, ‘Ok, bye’, and never spoke again.

“I think it is a case of rebuilding [that friendship].”

He added: “It’s good – we’re all [too] old. We’re all just having fun and want to enjoy what we do.

“We’ve never been ones for beef. I personally have got no beef with anyone.”

This week Simpson said Busted was a “fun time” but feels “like a lifetime ago”.


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